That bad boy is mine ( Completed )

How did he turn out to be her cousin
She is just so lucky she knows Arabic or else her life couldn't have ever changed
And she finds out that he is really rough but yet sweet want to know more continue reading and you'll see the dark side he has in him
And in the end it turns out that he isn't the only one in love with her


7. Dinner


                                                                      Zayn's p.o.v

          I watched as she stormed off she was really cute when she got mad, and did she just say like me??!!!! before i know it someone slapped me on the back of my neck and said "yes she likes you you dumb ass" it was Doniya, www wait how did she know what i just asked myself and she ripped me out of my thoughts and said " you really need to keep your thoughts in your head dont talk about it out load, and seriously she told you all that and you just noticed that she liked you, oh my god you are such a horrible person" and then she went back in the kitchen to help my mom to get the food done.

           Dinner was ready to be served and my mom told me to go call the rest to come to the dining room, i went to the living room to call them and i cleared my throat so i can say what i wanted to say but then my eyes met Haley's i froze for a moment to stare at her eyes they were just gorgeous, and then she looked away very quickly but i was still totally frozen, and then Waliyha came to me and waved her hand in my face making me blink and returning to reality and she said "hey zayn, you wanted to say something and....." and i said "oh right sorry mmmm dinner is ready everyone" looking at everyone in the room, oh god that was totally weird.

             And i need to pull my self together after all i am kind of seeing someone which is a really nice person thats why i was really upset and angry to come home because it meant i had to leave that person i mean i love coming home but i wanted to get to know that person i just wanted to get to know her better because i liked everything about her so far, so i just needed to shrug the feeling off i mean Haley is my cousin and my tutor and frankly i think she is just looks.


                                                               Haley's p.o.v

              It was weird having zayn look at me that way thats why i looked away i knew he was trouble from the start but after he told us that dinner is ready i got up and went to the dining room and pushed my shoulder hard with his and he kind of flew he was really small for a boy he was fit and stuff but for me he had a small figure even though i was a billion times smaller but i still thought he was small and after he flew he said " hey watch it" i just kept on walking, i mean i shouldnt like him after all i am his teacher and besides i could always swear at him in Arabic without him even knowing, hahahahaha i am soo evil but i love that in me.

              When we all sat on the table i was pretty much placed beside guess who..... yes Zayn freking Malik oh my god i swear my dad never gets up and Safaa was on my left side, my dad and Doniya and Waliyha sat on the opposite side of us and Patricia sat in the middle.

               Dinner was actually quiet but the food was amazing Patricia really did know how to cook i give her a thumbs up, and just before dinner was over Zayn wanted to play ofcourse under the table he kept on hitting my foot and playing around and smiling i was just about to hit him when i saw everyone looking at us in a weird way and i told them " what?!!! there is nothing to see get back to your dinner" and then i playfully punched Zayn in the arm to give him a sign to stop what hes doing and he said sarcastically "ouch that hurts" i wanted to punch him again but i want to save it for later it will be nicer with the Arabic swears oh my god i really am an evil kid, sooo after we all finished i got up and took the plates and stuff and Zayn helped i was going to do the dishes and the kitchen Patricia told me not to but i told her that i wanted to and that she was working on this fine dinner and i wanted her to relax so she just gave in and let me do the kitchen while i was doing the dishes i felt someone grab me from my waist from behind and i was grossed by the idea if him being Zayn, uuugggghhhh god i pretty much hate him, hahaha just kidding i still love him but he has some annoying moves.

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