That bad boy is mine ( Completed )

How did he turn out to be her cousin
She is just so lucky she knows Arabic or else her life couldn't have ever changed
And she finds out that he is really rough but yet sweet want to know more continue reading and you'll see the dark side he has in him
And in the end it turns out that he isn't the only one in love with her


13. Carnival


                                    Haley's p.o.v 

      Well everyone noticed my excitement because when I opened the doors and hugged Perrie 

everyone looked at me like I was some kind of freak, well I am, so after welcoming Perrie I said to no one precisely " so you guys ready?! " everyone nodded and we were off to go to the carnival, YAY!!!

       We finally arrived, Zayn was driving and me and Niall were in the backseat I was so focused on my plan I didn't notice that we were there Niall kept on poking me until I finally noticed him and got out of the car.

       When Niall led me inside I was shocked as hell it was amazing I mean it it the first time I have ever been to a carnival in the country that I used to live in there were no carnivals how come there were no carnivals? This shit is beyond amazing, I know I've been swearing a lot but its the negative part living with Zayn Malik, I know I always say his name and his last name I know weird but I don't know I just like to say it.

        So the first thing I wanted to try was something that involves a gun, I mean something like a gun you shoot it on a target or something and if you hit all five targets you get a bear, its something like that I honestly don't know whats it called, ok so I tried to shoot the first one but missed, and the second and missed, and I heard Niall kind of laughing at me, so I turned to face him and said " hey, don't make fun of me its my first time and if you're that better show me " he turned me around so my back was facing his face and he held my arms from the back and I could feel his hot breath on me neck, it took me to another planet and he adjusted the gun so it could hit the target right in the middle, and as I was in my own daydream fantasy he shot the target and I returned to the real world, he then backed away and said " see, I'm that good aren't I? " I just rolled my eyes and punched him playfully in the arm he played along and he acted like he was hurt, I kind of felt bad and said to him " ohh poor baby what can I do to make it better?? " he said " how about a kiss on the cheek maybe?!?! " I just giggled and nodded, and pretty much kissed him.

        I really am starting to like Niall I really should tell him what I planned I don't want to hurt him he is a really nice, and cute, and sensitive, and an amazing guy, I don't know him that well but he seems like that, so I pulled myself together and started to say as we walked around the carnival " listen Niall can I tell you something? but please don't get mad, and if you do I understand " he answered quite concerned because I might have said what I said in a worrying way " yes, Haley " I looked deep in his eyes and continued " I don't know how to say this but, I kind of used you to make Zayn jealous, I mean I like you and all but I just went out with you to make Zayn jealous I know he has a girlfriend and she's nice but he is just uggghhh I don't know how to describe him " I said it quick but understandable so Niall could function what I just said, I just felt instantly bad so I tried to comfort him by putting my arm around his shoulder but he just threw it away, I said " I'm so sorry Niall I get it you want me to leave I just told you so your feelings wouldn't get hurt that much I'm sorry again I'm just going over to Zayn and Perrie " .

           So I went over to Zayn and Perrie and they obviously asked me whats wrong and I just answered " I think Niall got sick and is heading home, so can I stay with you two if you don't mind? " they just nodded, when suddenly I feel someone tap my shoulder I turned around to see who it was but instead I was smothered with a kiss on the lips by NIALL HORAN!! he came back?! ok I need to take this opportunity, so I just wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss a bit, it felt like it lasted forever and I just went to the world of fantasy I am sooooooo sure I like Niall now, we just broke the kiss to catch our breath because I felt it lasted for ages his soft pink lips I just want to bite the shit out of them uggghhhh.

        We just turned around to see a shocked and kind of angry Zayn and a very happy Perrie, then Niall finally spoke " I couldn't leave without a good night kiss can't I?! " and after that he said " I feel much better now I think I'm gonna stick around " with a smirk on his face I just blushed a bit, then Niall whispered in my ear " you're not getting rid of me that easily, and I appreciate the honesty that's very hard to find in anyone, even though you kind of lied to me for a while but you never went through with it, so can we continue our date? " I just hugged him and he chuckled and said " I'll take that as a yes " I was just soo happy he was just super cute.

       We continued walking, and talking, and playing, then we decided we should just sit and talk for a little more, after we sat he said " I bet you made Zayn jealous after the kiss did you see his face? " I just nodded and said " Niall I really am sorry and so you know I didn't kiss you back for Zayn I don't care about making him jealous I kissed you back cuz I wanted to kiss you, and yes I saw his face it was priceless " we just continued chatting till Zayn and Perrie came to where we were sitting and Zayn was mad as hell he passed me and went straight to Niall and punched him in the face, WTF!!!!! Niall just fell to the ground, and soon I was beside him to see what the hell Zayn did I just screamed at Zayn " WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO ZAYN ARE YOU DRUNK OR SOMETHING, AND YES I JUST SWORE I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FUCKING ASSHOUL " I just turned away to face Niall and he was in pain when he turned to face me he had a huge black eye. fuck you Zayn, I just felt so sorry for Niall.

       I just helped him up and went past Zayn and we walked home after silence I finally told Niall " I'm so sorry he punched you I didn't know this would happen its all my fault, uuggghhhh please forgive me Niall you've had much drama in a day just because of me god I hate myself right now " he stopped in the middle of the street and lifted my chin and said looking straight in my eyes " you didn't know this would happen its not your fault he is such a dick, and I would rather have all the drama in the world as long as its with you " and by that he kissed me one more time with more passion and heat in this one and he grabbed me by the waist and my hand were around his neck, it turned into a hot make out session in the middle of the street.

     Finally we stopped and continued walking till we got to the house, I opened the door I told Niall to stay over for the night because I don't think he can drive with one eye, and I found Zayn on the couch god more drama I just grabbed Niall's hand and led him to the kitchen to get an ice pack or something to put on his eye.

     After half an hour of putting the ice pack we were tired, thank god Zayn didn't come, so I told Niall he could sleep on my bed and I will sleep in any of the girls rooms, I supplied Niall with everything he needs and went off to Doniya's room, and I ran into Zayn and I told him " Zayn please let us sleep the night in peace and we will deal  with this tomorrow " he just nodded in agreement, and I went to the room and as soon as I placed my head on the pillow I drifted off to sleep.






   I'm sooo sorry guys I haven't updated but I just had much drama in my life my mother and father were arguing a lot, and they may split up, I spent kind of days crying in the bathroom, and we found out my mom has a heart problem so please wish her best and I will update as soon as I can I love you all, you guys are all that I have now I only write for you  <3 :* :*

  xoxo Hanady 


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