Don't Let Me Go

"Don't go." I listened to him. I stayed. We did what you think we would.. we did it. I, Harry Styles, ignored management and did what I have always wanted to do to the one I love. Louis Tomilson and I had sex. And I just have to say.. It was great. But then we tell the others. Someone was hiding something. It might just change everything because of this one secret.


2. Should we?

    *Louis POV* 

  I finally talked Harry into going to coffee with me. "YAY!" I screamed jumping around like a little kid. Harry chuckled, "Come on Lou you're the one who wanted to go so bad." He said grabbing his blazer and walking towards the door. "Hey! Wait for meeee!" I wined making him stop and turn around. I smiled big and looked at him up and down. He was wearing a pair of light denim pants,a white low V-cut top shirt with a black blazer over, which he just pulled on, and a pair of white converse. He quickly pulled on a grey beanie covering his curls but leaving a few peeking out. He looked hot. He caught me looking and eyed me down also as my cheeks flushed because of him catching me. "Come on now, it's time to go." I quickly grabbed my blazer and followed him out the door to his black Audi. He climbed into the drivers seat while I slid into the passenger seat. 


   When we arrived for coffee at Starbucks we were surprised we didn't get noticed. I took hold of Harry's hand as we walked inside. We both ordered are usual coffee and went to sit in the back of Starbucks and sat down. We started to talk "So Harry, I think we should talk about... us." "What do you mean, Louis?" "I think we should tell the others about us." "Okay." He smiled. "That fast?" My eyes went wide. He sure did say okay to that fast. "What do you mean? "That fast?" I'm confused." He said. "That we didn't have to think about it or talk about it." "I did think about it last night." He chuckled. I just formed an o shape with my mouth and took a drink of my coffee.


  "So.." He started, "What did you think about last night?" He winked at me with a smirk on his face. "Oh, I thought that it was so amazing it should happen again." I smirked winking back at him. "Oh, it will happen again!" I giggled as he leaned forward. He rubbed his nose against mine before giving my lips a quick peck. I stood up reaching my hand out toward him. He took hold of my hand and I pulled him up. We made are way, hand in hand, to the car. We reach the car we each go to a different side of the car. We both climb into the back seat. I reach over grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. When our lips meet I feel the spark I did the first time we kissed. 



   We were sitting in Harry's room watching movies. I decided that it was time for me to tell him how I felt. I reach over and take Harry's hand. He looks at me with a confused look. "What are you doing?" I looked into his eyes and decided it would be best to just go ahead and say it. "Harry I love you. I have since the first day I saw you at the X-Factor. I just thought it was my luck that got me put in this band with you until I saw how close we are now. It now hurts me to see you knowing you're not mine." He looked at me with wide eyes. I knew that he wouldn't love me back. "I-I.... Louis I love you too!" He grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me. I immediately kissed him back. I leaned my forehead against his and looked into his eyes. "Best... Kiss.... Ever." I said and pecked his lips. 

                                                                                                 *END OF FLASHBACK*

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