Don't Let Me Go

"Don't go." I listened to him. I stayed. We did what you think we would.. we did it. I, Harry Styles, ignored management and did what I have always wanted to do to the one I love. Louis Tomilson and I had sex. And I just have to say.. It was great. But then we tell the others. Someone was hiding something. It might just change everything because of this one secret.


5. Never tell anyone.

      *Louis POV*

   We were on our way back from going out. All I could think about was what happened between Harry and Niall. What happened? Why were they acting like that? Did they or will they ever make up? When we got back Niall was sitting at the kitchen table eating in only his boxers. I felt my pants tighten at the sight. I quickly go up to my room. "Why the fuck did I get a boner?!" I quietly whisper to myself. I've never gotten one before! I've seen him in his boxer before. I walk into my bathroom closing and locking the door behind me. I forgot to lock my bedroom door but thought nothing of it. I turn the shower on and quickly strip of my clothes. I step into the shower letting the hot water go over my body. "Why do I have a god damn boner?" I sit down on the shower floor grabbing my hard erection. I began to pump at the speed I like. I moan but try to hold them back. I fail epically as I came. I moaned loudly but soon bite my tongue as the wave of pleasure runs through my body.


   After I finished I washed my body and hair. I get out of shower turning off the water. I wrap a towel around my waist as I walk out of the bathroom and into my bedroom. I walk over to my closet pulling out a pair of sweatpants not bothering to put a shirt on. I turn around using the towel that was wrapped around my waist and use it to dry my wet hair. "Thanks for the show, Louis." I turn around fast startled by the fact someone came into my room. "Oh, you're welcome Harry." I reply grinning. Then my smiles fades when I realized I just pumped my length because of Niall. "What's wrong Lou?" Harry asks, his smile also fading. "Oh, uh, it's nothing." I quickly walk out of the room. I'll never tell anyone about that.


             *Niall's POV*

  I'm sitting at the kitchen table when someone sits down next to me. "Hey Niall." "Hey Harry." I reply smiling. "I just wanted to talk to you about what happened..." My smile instantly vanishes as I realize what he's talking about. "Oh that. Shouldn't we go somewhere else?" "You're right yeah lets go to my room." "Okay." I quietly follow him upstairs and into his bedroom. "So yo-" I was cut off by his lips. I immediately kissed back. He used his tongue to part my lips and slid his tongue inside my mouth. Soon we were just standing in the middle of the room making out.


   Once we finished with our make out session he put his forehead against mine. He looked into my eyes before pecking my lips and whispering "Never tell anyone," and walking out of the room without looking back once. 

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