Don't Let Me Go

"Don't go." I listened to him. I stayed. We did what you think we would.. we did it. I, Harry Styles, ignored management and did what I have always wanted to do to the one I love. Louis Tomilson and I had sex. And I just have to say.. It was great. But then we tell the others. Someone was hiding something. It might just change everything because of this one secret.


6. Feelings..

       *Harry's POV*

   As I walked out of my room I realized what I had just done. I don't understand exactly what I'm feeling, or how to deal with it. I love Louis, but what is happening with me and Niall? I decided to go find Louis, to see if he was okay. When I found him he was sitting on the couch watching telly. I walked over to him and sat down next to him. I grabbed his hand so we were hand in hand, he looked up and stared at me. I leaned in and pecked my lips against his, I could feel him smile. I pulled away, "Is everything okay, Lou?" His face went pale, "Yeah, why do you ask?"  "Lou, I can tell when your lying I've known you too long." " I'm not lying Harry, everything is fine." Louis says while smiling. I say okay then smile. I get up and walk to my room.



  I sit down on my bed confused on what's happening. Why did I kiss Niall? Why did I kiss back the first time he kissed me? I lay down closing my eyes hoping everything will go back to the way before. Hoping that this was all just a huge dream, or should I say a nightmare.


    *Louis' POV*

  Why did Harry ask if everything was alright? Everything was perfect. I'm going out with Harry and our friends know about it and they accept it, they accept us. The real question is, is everything alright for Harry?


   *Niall's POV*

 I don't know what I'm feeling for Harry. He has been one of my best mates and now he is probably going to hate me. I walk into the bathroom, deciding on a nice long hot shower to help me think.


    *Harry's POV*

  I'm sitting a field with two people, one on each side of me. I look around, this place is beautiful, it's surrounded by trees, the field is full of flowers, all bright beautiful colors. I look to the people beside me. I don't like what I see, Louis and Niall. They both look at me with loving eyes and then they're gone. I start to hear someone say "I know what you've done." "I saw it all." I stand up. It suddenly got colder, but sweats pouring down my body. Then everything goes dark.


  I sit straight up in my bed, covered in sweat and the blankets thrown off the bed completely. I slowly get out of bed walking into the bathroom,turn on the sink and splash cold water on my face. I turn off the water and grab a towel, drying off my face. I grab both sides of the sink and look  up at myself in the mirror. Thoughts running through my head, I run into the living room, I find Louis in the same spot, I walk up to him, grab both sides of his face and kiss him, a wet sloppy kiss. I then pull away and run back upstairs to Niall's room. I open the door and walk in to find a just out of the shower Niall. I walk up to him, grab both sides of his face, just like I did to Louis, and kiss him, this one wet and sloppy too, just not as bad. I then turn and walk out of the room, looking back once, to see him getting dressed. I smile and walk into my room sitting down on my bed. Now, about my feelings. 

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