Don't Let Me Go

"Don't go." I listened to him. I stayed. We did what you think we would.. we did it. I, Harry Styles, ignored management and did what I have always wanted to do to the one I love. Louis Tomilson and I had sex. And I just have to say.. It was great. But then we tell the others. Someone was hiding something. It might just change everything because of this one secret.


1. Don't go.

   *Harry's POV*              

  "Don't go." I stayed. "I would never leave you." I laid down next to him on the soft mattress. He slowly leaned over to me. "I love you," He whispered, "Now fuck me." He finished his sentence with a smirk. "I would be honored." I then pulled him over me and rolled on top of him. He pulled me down passionately kissed me. I smiled into the kiss and ran my tongue along his bottom lip asking for entrance, which he quickly granted. We played with each others tongues before Louis became impatient. He fumbled with the buttons to my jeans and unbuttoned them quickly pulling my jeans down along with my Calvin Klein boxers. He grabbed my hard erection and began to pump. I groaned, " Uh, Louis." He smirked knowing he had full control over me.


  I soon came and he flipped me over onto my stomach. He teased me by rubbing his hard erection on my arsehole. I groaned, "Fuck you, just fuck me already!" He chuckled. He slowly penetrated me. I moaned along with Louis. Soon he had me back on my back pumping me again. We did this over and over again. Flipping each other over, me penetrating him, him penetrating me. Soon the light of the day came and we were forced to stop. We had a hot make out session before I had to leave back to my room. 


  As I left the room I was stopped by Niall. " Hey, mate. What were you doing in Louis' room so early in the morning?" "I, uh, was talking with him!" I stuttered. Niall eyed me. He shrugged. "Alright. Well good Morning." "Good Morning." I smiled hiding my sudden and great relief that Niall didn't ask anymore. He walked past me after he was gone I let out a sigh of relief. I'm glad Niall's so carefree and doesn't push! That would've been bad if he found out before me and Louis had a time to talk about how we're going to tell the others.




I know that you probably hate author notes because I sometimes do too -.- But I just want to say that this is my first book so please don't hate and I'm sorry if you dislike. I've never really written a book before so... but anyways I hope you enjoy! :)

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