Don't Let Me Go

"Don't go." I listened to him. I stayed. We did what you think we would.. we did it. I, Harry Styles, ignored management and did what I have always wanted to do to the one I love. Louis Tomilson and I had sex. And I just have to say.. It was great. But then we tell the others. Someone was hiding something. It might just change everything because of this one secret.


7. Decisions


Harry's P.O.V:


       "What... what's going on?" I wonder to myself. I let out a large, huff of a sigh, falling onto my back in my mess of a bed. I groan, pulling my hands through my tangled hair; "What the hell am I doing?!"

I need to think this through. I need to just think everything through. Ni... Niall likes me, and Louis loves me. And... I love Louis. I know I love Lou; From the very first second I met him, and saw those brilliant bright blue eyes, and that sweet, little smile, I loved him.

But, Niall...

I can't deny him. Not now. Not after what I did... But why? I chuckle to myself out of irony. I did it because I have no feelings for Niall, and I just, love Louis so much...?

"Ha!" My nose stings and I flare my nostrils; eyes begining to flood with tears. "Ha... I obviously love Louis so much that I would never betray him... I would never go behind his back and fuck someone elses brains out...!" Tears overflow and leave a sticky trail down my cheeks. "And, of course, I wouldn't proceed to make-out with that same person after coming to my goddamn senses!! Twice!"

I reach behind me, grabbing a pillow and smothering myself with it. "LIAR! CHEATER! BASTARD!" I yell at the top of my lungs profanities to myself - though they come out as mere muffled noises against the dence pillow. "FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!!"

I fly up and throw the pillow away from me, landing on the sheet-ridden floor. I pant heavily, my face damp with my own tears and snot. Calm down, Harry... Get ahold of yourself...

I whipe my face with my shirt, attempting to regain poseur. "Enough of this bullshit. I need to understand... understand why I'm doing this."

All of this has happened because... we told the boys', and Niall told me he liked me - that's what started it all...

Why... why was I so upset when Niall told me? I, didn't need to be that upset. I blew up, and that was by no means justified.

"It must mean something..." I frown out of deep thought. I don't think I've ever thought of Niall other than a good friend (Lou, on the other hand...) yet, I got pissed, then... screwed... with him.

It must be, like, a feeling that's always been there [for Niall], but it only became realized when he admited his feelings for me...?

"Makes sense." I mean... I've always thought he was the cutest damn thing. And, he's got beautiful eyes - just like Lou. Except... even more brilliant and bright.

"My dream-- nightmare..." I have to choose.

I have to make up my mind. I can't have both. Surely, if Louis found out about what I've already done with Niall, he would never forgive me - and justly so.

"Whose it gonna be...?" I sit on the bed, running different thoughts and reasonings through my head, for what seems like a lifetime. Who...?



"Don't go."

"I would never leave you."


- ~***~ - ~***~ - ~***~ - ~***~ -


        I slowly stand from my bed, a sudden dizziness overtaking me. I lean against the door a moment for it pass, then proceed from my room into the hallway. I head left and descend the stairs, making my way toward the sittingroom, that last held my dear lover Louis.

"Louis?" I started before rounding the entire corner. There he was; still sat across the couch, the television on some kind of stand-up comedy show.

His head flipped round to look at me, a giant smile spread across his face. "Hi, Haz," he said, a hint of seductiveness within his tone. I felt my pants tighten. Goddamn myself...!

"Hi, Boo." I took a seat next to him on the couch, and I reached over, taking a gentle hold of his soft hands.

"What was that soppy kiss for?" He seemed to be teasing, but; "Where'd you go?" he asked, instead seeming somewhat concerned. "Harry... Please tell me what's going on."

I sighed, dropping my head so as to not make eye-contact with those eyes... I can't bare to watch those eyes cry. "Listen, Louis... I'm sorry..."

I still didn't look up, but I could feel in his voice he was... scared; "H-Harry, you've been acting strange tonight... What's going on with you and Niall?"

I look up suddenly, thinking back to my nightmare.

"I... I don't know what happened, but, please at least tell me everything's alright with you two now...?"

I smile sadly. "Don't worry, Lou; everything is okay." I let my smile fade. "Louis; I... I can't."

He frowned, and I once again dropped my head. "What?"

"Louis, I can't... we can't... be... together, any longer." I winced, so, so afriad. I'm sorry, Louis.

There was a long pause. Then laughter. "This... this is some kind of prank, right?"

"Huh?" I return his glance, blinking.

He held out his hands. "This is just some big 'joke' put together by you and the lads'? What; are we on some kind of reality show and no one told me?"

I shook my head, confused. "What? Lou, no--"

"Oh! So, we date for eleven months, decide it's time to tell the boys'; tell 'em, you fight with Niall, then come to me to break up, all in the same day? That makes so much more sense!" He glared at me - And I thought he'd be crying. "Frankly, the reality show seems a shit load more probable."

"Louis, please--"

"Y'know what? Whatever. Whatever the fuck you want, Harry." With that, he stood, storming off up the stairs; causing a loud nose to echo through the house as he slammed shut his bedroom door.

I sighed, bringing a hand to my face as I shook my head. "Oh, Louis... I just don't know." I'm sorry. That's all I'm certain of.


I took myself up the stairs, walking toward Niall's room.

Once outside of his room, I knock quietly several times. "Ni... Nialler? You there?" I say hushedly.

He opened up the door - a large, crooked grin plastered across his adorable cheeks. "Hi, Harry."

"Niall. I need to talk to you."

He nodded his head, motioning for me to enter; He fell back onto his bed, patting a place to his left. "Waddaye' need, buddy?" His cheeks were a bright pink - presuming from the kiss I gave him not too long before.

I took a seat, swallowing hard before I started; "Niall... I... I broke up with Louis."

His blue eyes widened whilst his jaw hung. "W-W-Whaat?"

"I-I..." I sighed, annoyed with my cowardice. "I'm done and over with Louis...!" I declared, taking on a more confident tone.

"Wha-- But, w-why...?" he stuttered, blinking his eyes and cocking his head to the side. Cute as a puppy.

I smirk. "Why do you think?"

I shoved him down onto his back, pulling my body over top of his; my hands pinning his wrists tight to the bed. I look at him hungerly with narrowed eyes, seductively licking over my lips. His face is beet-red and he looks as confused and cute as ever.

I quickly let my grip of his wrists go as I rush to pull his shirt over his lean body. I fold the dark, cotton shirt over a few times, making it into a long, thin strip of material. "H-Harry...?"

"Don't worry," I assure him as I place it over his eyes, round his head, tying it into a lose knot. "I'm not going to hurt you."


Niall's P.O.V:


       Oh God. I don't know why Harry would break up with Louis. He loves Louis - Not one of us could deny that. And I've always been jealous of Lou for that; He had Harry's love. Now I'm getting it and I can't figure out why. What's going on with him?

"Harry...?" I repeat once more, a bit nervous as to what he might do.

"Just enjoy it, Niall."

He wraps his hands tightly around my wrists, stretching my arms above my head.

I feel hot breath ghost over my ear, followed by teeth gently biting down and pulling on my lobe, causing a great tingling sensation deep inside the canal. "Oh..."

He releases and his moist lips kiss down my jaw and neck, a painful pinch in the crook of my neck once he reached it. "Ah..." I panted, the pain begining to be soothed as he sucked hard and whipped his tongue over on my tender flesh. "H-Harry..."


Though he pulled away far too soon. "Heh. That's gonna leave a mark," he says, sounding indeed proud.

A wet, sticky trail of spit then proceeded down my collarbone and chest, making it's way to my stomach, outlining my abs.

My wrists were freed and after a long moment his hands began to fumble with my sweatpants, slowly pulling them down my pale legs. Teeth bit and pulled on my nipple and I screamed out of pain mixed heavily with pleasure. "Harry!" Continuing with this he had pulled down my pants - and my briefs.

First thing I felt was Harry's stong chest pressed against my erected member, then his hands pushed firmly around the bace of the organ - but not directly on it. I moaned and panted in anticipation; "H-Harry! Please!"

He let go of my nipple - once thickly lubricating each one with his spit - and kissed down my abdomen to my-- "S-Shit, Harry!"

He licked up and down the length of my penis, his hands now cupping each of my testicles while his thumbs rubbed stongly at the bace of me. "G-Ohhhh...! Ha-Ha-Harry!!"

I brought my fist to my mouth, biting down on it hard, attempting to silence my many outbursts.

His tongue slipped back up to the head of my penis and he slowly began to take me in. My member became warm - hot - with Harry's breath, his tongue whipped around it, teasing me. "S-Stop, Har-rry..." I whispered pass my hand.

He was able to fit my entire organ inside his mouth, and he slowly sucked--

"What the fuck is this shit?"



 - ~***~ - ~***~ - ~***~ - ~***~ -



Louis: Well, seems like Let's Paint A Smile added a new co-author, eh?

Niall: Sure seems that way.

Moonlight: Yes! I'm Night-Lion (aka Moonlight ;P) and I'm the new co-author of this great fanfic. I'm very excited to be working on it with her! This was a lot of fun to write. *wink*

Liam: Fantastic! Anyways; hope you lassies enjoyed the chapter and please leave feedback!! <3

Zayn: This chapter, as you can probably tell, was written by Night-Lion--

Harry: Though the plot idea was both Night-Lion and Xx Lets Paint A Smile xX, 'course (mostly Lets Paint A Smile). :D

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