When heaven & hell collide.

Emily is a good girl with bad habits. Her parents died in a car accident just over a year ago and she moved in with her favorite uncle. She moved from California all the way to Bradford. What happened when she runs into Bradfords bad boy, Zayn Malik? Find out in "When heaven & hell collide"


12. The fight.

Emily's POV; 

When I reached the top of the stairs I saw Zayn and Harry throwing punches at each other and I gasped in horror as Todd, Toby, Lou, Niall, and Liam watched with an amused expression. I was frozen in place and couldn't find words. Zayn ended up on the ground as Harry repeatedly punched him. Thats when I found my voice. 

Emily: "HARRY! GET THE HELL OFF OF HIM!" Harry and Zayn froze and everyone looked at me clearly not acknowledging the fact that I was awake and saw it. Lou was by my side in an instant asking if I was okay. I simply nodded and walked towards the two boys I've grown to love in two completely different ways. Harry stood up so Zayn could stand as well. 

Harry: "Em, I'm so so sorry" he said reaching out for me before I backed into Lou. 

Emily: "Don't fucking touch me!" I spat looking at Zayn. I walked past Harry and towards Zayn who deeply chuckled. 

Zayn: "Don't come near me Emily. How could you fuck him?! You're such a whore!" All color drained from my face and my fist connected with his jaw causing him to tumble backwards. 

Emily: "I didn't have sex with him!" I looked towards Harry "DID YOU TELL HIM WE HAD SEX?" I walked up to him and once again without thinking I punched him causing him to stumble a bit as well. 

Todd: "Emily, I told you from the start that they where no good" My head snapped in his direction. 

Emily: "Will you shut the fuck up? Damn! I don't need you to defend me or talk about them. They may seem bad but they really aren't." I stopped talking when I realized I was defending them. Louis grabbed my elbow turning me to face him. 

Louis: "Lets get you upstairs" I nodded and followed him into my room. "You know.. Zayn may not show it but, everything we told you the other day was true."

Emily: "I don't know. I'm fallin-" I was interrupted by a knock on my door and Lou got up to answer it. I saw Zayn standing there.

Zayn: "Can I talk to her?" Lou looked back at me and I nodded and gave him a weak smile. As Lou left Zayn entered and closed the door behind him. He sat down next to me and took my hand in his. "I'm going to tell you something okay?" I nodded. "I'm not good with words but, I'll try" He sighed. "I-I like you a lot Emily. Ashley and I have a past but, she's nothing too me. You're everything to me. Ever since I laid eyes on you at that party. The guys pointed out that I'm changing. My eyes aren't dark anymore and everytime you touch me it feels like my body is on fire. We've known each other for such a short time but, you know more about me than anyone does. You know me. I'm going on that trip for the money and when we get back i'm done with that shit. I want to get my own place and I want you to live with me. You can finish out your last year first if you want. Em.. What I'm trying to say is....


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