When heaven & hell collide.

Emily is a good girl with bad habits. Her parents died in a car accident just over a year ago and she moved in with her favorite uncle. She moved from California all the way to Bradford. What happened when she runs into Bradfords bad boy, Zayn Malik? Find out in "When heaven & hell collide"


4. Kiss.

Zayn whispering into my ear always sent this feeling through my body. I turned around to face Zayn before I finally spoke. 

"Can you guys stop?" I asked sweetly as Zayn kept his hands on my hips. 

Louis: "If we stopped it wouldn't be any fun" I looked into Zayn's eyes and for a brief second I swear the blackness faded. 

Zayn: "Guys, leave her alone" 

Niall: "Woah look at Zayn protecting her, damn." That little bit of brown that started to show was quickly replaced with the blackness. 

Zayn: "Shut the fuck up, we're going upstairs" Zayn led me to a rather large set of stairs and we walked up to his room. He sat down on the edge of the bed and looked up at me. 

Zayn: "Come here" I slowly walked over to him and sat down next to him. Zayn has this bad boy vibe that radiates off of him and honestly, it scared me. 

Emily: "Why did you bring me here? It scares me, they scare me." I would never admit to Zayn that he scares me because that makes me weak. 

Zayn: "You needed to meet them since I plan on keeping you around for a while." I shifted a little on the bed scooting away from him. I knew it pissed him off that I moved away since he stood up quickly. 

Zayn: "Come on, we're going back downstairs." 

Emily: "Why?" 

Zayn: "You act like I'm being mean to you, which I could if I wanted too but I don't, and you're being a bitch about it." I followed Zayn downstairs and almost ran into Harry. 

Emily: "S-sorry" Harry chuckled. 

Harry: "It's cool, I doubt I would've moved if you ran into me" I walked into the living room and sat on one of the single chairs. 

Liam: "What time are you taking her home?" 

Zayn: "Soon" All the boys turned their attention to me as my phone starting ringing. I answered it not caring if they heard. 

*Phone call* Todd: "Where in the hell are you?" 

Emily: "Relax, I'm at someones house. Why the hell do you care? You never came home last night." 

Todd: "Yeah but, I wasn't rumored to be with Zayn Malik and his crew!" I knew they heard that because they all turned their attention back to me. 

Emily: "Um, well. I kind of am." 

Todd: "Are you fucking crazy!" 

Emily: "Shut the fuck up, I'm 17 you're 15. Stop trying to boss me around like you're my fucking parent." I immediately regretted saying that. Our parents still had a huge effect on us and what I said hurt me as much as it hurt him. "Todd, I'm sorry." That's when I heard the other end click. I dropped my head in my hands as a tear fell down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away hoping nobody saw. 

Liam: "So, can we ask you stuff?" I just nodded in reply. The questions were simple, normal questions but I knew that was about to change. 

Niall: "Who do you live with?" 

Emily: "My uncle, he's never home he travels a lot." 

Lou: "Where are your parents?" I felt tears swelling up in my eyes but, I held them back knowing I couldn't show them my weakness. 

Emily: "They died last year in a car accident, I'm from the states" The questions kept coming and I'm sure they learned a lot about me that nobody knows. It was almost 10 when Zayn stood up. 

Zayn: "Come on, we better get you home." I stood up and waved to the boys as we walked outside. The car ride was quiet. Once we pulled up to my house Zayn walked me up to the door. I was pushed against the door so Zayn could kiss me rather harshly. It was nothing sweet, passionate, or caring. It was more like a "you're mine later" kiss and I hated it. I couldn't help but feel a tiny spark when he loosened up a bit and pulled away. We said our goodbyes and parted separate ways. 



Authors note: Hey guys! I know it was short and I promise they will get longer. What do you think so far? Leave comments! Comments= new chapter. Love you! <3

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