When heaven & hell collide.

Emily is a good girl with bad habits. Her parents died in a car accident just over a year ago and she moved in with her favorite uncle. She moved from California all the way to Bradford. What happened when she runs into Bradfords bad boy, Zayn Malik? Find out in "When heaven & hell collide"


1. Hi.

Hi. My name is Emily Lynn Smith. 

I was always the "good girl" in school until a little over a year ago when everything changed.

Last June my parents died in a horrible car accident. Luckily, my brother Todd survived. Todd is 15 and I am 17. We were forced to move from California to Bradford. I'm not complaining though, we live with my favorite uncle James. My uncle is never home because he works on the road most of the time. He leaves my brother & I plenty of money before he goes back on the road. 

Once I heard about my parents deaths I started smoking. Yes, I do it every so often. I go to parties but, I never get drunk. If anything I'll drink a little. I am the highest in our class & honestly, everybody loves me. I'm the most popular girl in school and of course I have two bestfriends, Jessica and Allison. They don't follow me around like that shit in movies. I have a bad habit of cussing and I always fall for the bad boy. What can I say? I'm a good girl with bad habits.  

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