When heaven & hell collide.

Emily is a good girl with bad habits. Her parents died in a car accident just over a year ago and she moved in with her favorite uncle. She moved from California all the way to Bradford. What happened when she runs into Bradfords bad boy, Zayn Malik? Find out in "When heaven & hell collide"


7. Giving it up.

Zayn's POV; 

I pulled up to Emily's house and ran through the front door looking for that dick. I heard someone talking about what happened and another laughing about it. All that did was add fuel to the fire but, I knew I couldn't lay my hands on Todd since he was her brother. I opened the door to the room they were in and once they saw me their eyes were covered in fear. 

Zayn: "Which one of you hit Emily? DO NOT lie to me" 

Adam: "I did but, it was a mistake" I lunged towards him not caring what else he had to say and started hitting him. The other boys were screaming for me to stop but, I couldn't. Normally, I wouldn't give a damn if a boy hit a girl but there was something about Emily and I feel the need to protect her with my life. Once I felt like I had enough I stood up and looked at the other two boys. 

Zayn: "Which one of you is Emily's brother?" 

Todd: "Erm, I am" 

Zayn: "Walk out here with me" I walked into the hallway closing the door behind us. 

Todd: "I didn't know he hit her, is she okay?" 

Zayn: "Yes, she's fine. Look, there is something about Emily that I don't understand. I feel like I need to protect her. So, don't bring those assholes here again got it?" 

Todd: "They won't come here again. Where is she?" 

Zayn: "She's at my house with the boys" 

Todd: "You have a reputation. Whatever you do, don't hurt her. She can't handle that. If you plan to hit it and quit it, find someone else. She's my sister and I don't want to see her hurting more than she already is."

Zayn: "I have no intention on hurting her, she is safe with me." Todd gave me a small nod and I turned on my heels and left. 

Emily's POV; 

The boys did a good job at calming me down and distracting me. We played video games for a while, and I kicked their asses, before we heard the front door open and close. Louis and Harry went to check on Zayn, just to be sure he is fine before I see him. Niall and Liam stayed behind with me until we heard them laughing. We heard them walk into the living room and that's when I turned to see Zayn standing behind me. 

Zayn: "Heard you kicked their ass?" I smiled and nodded. "Come upstairs with me?" I stood up from my seat and followed Zayn upstairs and closed the bedroom door behind me. 

Emily: "What happened?" I spoke in a quiet voice scared of what he could say. 

Zayn: "I beat the shit out of the ass that put his hands on you" Zayn placed his hands on my hips. 

Emily: "What about my brother?" 

Zayn: "He didn't know Adam hit you." Zayn used his thumb and forefinger to tilt my chin to the side so he could see the bruise forming. He leaned in and gently kissed my cheek before whispering in my ear. "It should heal soon" My breathing quickened as he pulled away from me and walked over to the bed sitting down. I stood in front of him and he looked up at me with an eyebrow raised. Is this what I want? Should I do this? Will I regret it? Yes, this is what I want. Yes, I should do this. No, I won't regret it.

Emily: "Kiss me" I whispered. He stood up and put one hand on my hip running it up and down my side and the other on my neck before he pulled my lips to his. It was a slow kiss filled with both of our feelings. I've never kissed someone like this and I can tell Zayn hasn't either. I pushed him back on the bed before climbing on top of him. 


I leaned down to reattach our lips in another slow, passionate kiss. Zayn ran his hands up and down my sides before breaking the kiss. 

Zayn: "Are you sure this is what you want? With me?" 

Emily: "Yes, this is what I want. Will I be like all the other girls?" I asked my voice cracking with feelings. 

Zayn: "No, I will never intentionally hurt you." He flipped us over so he was on top of me. He started kissing my neck and collarbone before finding the hem of my shirt and raising it over my head, tossing it on the floor. My breathing quickened as he kissed me again. My hands found their way into his hair, pulling at it. This felt right. It's suppose to happen with Zayn. He kissed his way up to my ear. 

Zayn: "You're so beautiful" He bit my earlobe before kissing his way down to my bra. He slowly took it off and took one in his hand and played with it while he licked and nibbled on the other causing me to moan out in pleasure. This was something I never felt before and I could feel myself getting wetter. He kissed down my stomach and licked his way back up before attaching our lips again. I pulled his shirt off and ran my hands down his toned abs earning a quiet moan from him. His hands found their way down my body to my shorts. He quickly unbuttoned them and threw them into the pile of clothes on the floor. His fingers rubbed along the insides of my thighs before making their way to my "center". He ran a finger in between my folds before whispering into my ear. 

Zayn: "So wet already baby.. You're panties are soaked." His fingers pulled my panties down slowly as he took my body in. I started to feel self-conscious and covered myself up. He pealed my hands away from my body. "Emily, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I never call girls beautiful. Don't cover yourself up." I nodded as he kissed me. His fingers ran along my body as he ran one in between my folds again causing me to moan into his mouth. I could feel his growing erection on the inside of my thigh as I attached my arms around his neck. He pulled away from me and looked me in my eyes as he slowly pushed a finger into me. I bit my lip trying to suppress a moan but, it didn't work out and I moaned loudly. He shushed me since the boys were downstairs but, I really didn't give a shit. He slowly started pumping his finger in and out of me earning moans from me. I bit my lip as I felt myself coming undone and pulled him to me attaching our lips. He pulled his finger out of me and I groaned at the loss of contact. He pulled his shorts off and rolled a condom onto his rather large dick before placing himself back on top of me and whispering in my ear. 

Zayn: "Baby, this is going to hurt. Even though it drives me crazy, if you have to bite your lip. We don't want the boys to know, if you don't care then be as loud as you want I doubt they will come in but they will tease us tomorrow. If it gets to be too much tell me to stop okay?" I nodded as he positioned himself at my entrance. He watched me as he slowly pushed some of himself into me. I arched my back a little and bit my lip in pain. He stayed still for a minute before pushing some more of himself into me. He did this for a few more times before he was fully inside of me. A tear escaped my eye showing that I was in pain. "Baby, don't cry. If you want me to stop tell me." He wiped the tear from my eye and started into my eyes. 

Emily: "I'm f-fine just wait" I felt myself adjusting to him as I pushed my hips towards him nodding telling him to move and he quickly obeyed. He slowly started moving in and out of me causing me to moan out in a mixture of some pain and pleasure. I don't give a damn if the boys can hear me, it feels amazing. I pulled his head down to me to whisper in his ear. "Fa-faster" I bit down on his ear lobe and kissed his neck. His pace quickened and I felt myself reaching my second orgasm of the night and I could tell Zayn was right there with me with his first. I moaned out in pure pleasure as I allowed myself to come undone around him and he moaned as he came undone with me. We were both panting as he collapsed next to me. "That was.." 

Zayn: "Amazing?" I nodded my head as he kissed me. "That was the best I've ever had baby." I smiled and laid my head on his chest falling into a deep sleep. 


Authors note: Hey guys! So, I was at the boys concert in Columbus Ohio last night and I thought I would tell you IT WAS AMAZAYN! Zayn found a candy thong and Harry put it on and Zayn ate off of him... MMM! Niall called us "Sexy Ohio" Louis got pissed people kept talking when Niall was trying to talk. Louis and Liam said we're some of the loudest fans. Liam, Harry, and Niall danced together. It was amazing. Best night of my life. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the chapter. I love you guys! Comment your thoughts pleaseee! (: 

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