When heaven & hell collide.

Emily is a good girl with bad habits. Her parents died in a car accident just over a year ago and she moved in with her favorite uncle. She moved from California all the way to Bradford. What happened when she runs into Bradfords bad boy, Zayn Malik? Find out in "When heaven & hell collide"


5. Fighting.

Zayn's POV; 

After I left Emily's house I decided to go to a bar to blow off some steam. I don't know what it is about her but, it's like she is what I need to save me from this shit I've been doing. I don't know if I want to leave this life behind though. I love the thought of people being scared of me. The boys sell drugs as well but, they aren't as deep into it as I am. I'm sure they could stop at any time but, I can't. This is what I live for. As I walk up to the bar I see Marcus, I really hate that fucking dick. I run things in this town and Marcus, well he tries to replace me. The last time I saw him I warned him to never show up in this town again but, he doesn't listen. I take a few shots of alcohol before walking over to him. 

Zayn: "I thought I told you to never show your face in this town again?!" 

Marcus: "You act like you're the shit around here. News flash Zayn, you're loosing your reputation." 

Zayn: "Oh yeah? Would you like me to remind you of my reputation?" I grab him by his jacket collar causing a scene, as I pulled him out into the back alley. As soon as I let him go he threw a punch, luckily I moved quick enough. He knew he made a mistake as soon as I ducked. I started punching him repeatedly. Once he was lying on the ground, I kicked him in the ribs. From the look in his eyes he won't be coming around anymore. I pulled him up so he was somewhat standing. 

Zayn: "If you ever and I mean EVER show your face again, you won't walk away. You'll be carried away in a body bag! Got it?!" He simply nodded and I walked back inside. I bought myself one more shot before heading home. I walked in the door and found Liam and Niall playing video games and Harry and Lou watching. Of course, me slamming the door got their attention. 

Liam: "What the hell happened to you Mate?" 

Harry: "Yeah, you're all dirty" 

Zayn: "I saw Marcus and the bar and we fought." I shake it off like it's nothing as I hear a light knock on the front door. 

Emily's POV; 

After watching Zayn leave I sat on the couch waiting for my brother. I heard him walk in and heard a few of his friends as well. As they walked into the living room Todd stopped an glared at me. I recognized his friends, Kyle and Adam. They were nothing but trouble and they were older than Todd. 

Todd: "Are you fucking stupid Em?! You could have gotten killed!" 

Emily: "He won't hurt me Todd!" We argued for a while until he was done and stormed upstairs. Kyle and Adam stayed behind though. 

Emily: "Can I help you?" I ask as they slowly walk towards me. 

Kyle: "It's a shame Zayn already claimed you" He said as he pulled me up off the couch. I felt my hair being tugged at so he could access my neck. 

Emily: "What the fuck do you think you are doing?" I ask as I pull my fist back and connect it with his now red cheek. 

Adam: "You'll regret that!" He lunged at me causing me to run into the wall behind me. His fist instantly connecting with my jaw. I leaned over in pain and kneed him in the groin. I knew that gave me enough time to run to my room. I slammed my door behind me and locked it as I packed a bag. I grabbed enough clothes for a week and snuck out my window. I stood at the bus stop no longer than five minutes before it pulled up. It was a twenty minute bus ride to the boys house and I hoped I didn't regret going there. Once the bus came to a stop I walked up to the door and softly knocked. I had no idea how bad my face was until they opened the door. 

Zayn: "Emily?"

Emily: "Um" 

Zayn: "What the fuck happened to your face? Who the hell hit you?!" I could see him getting highly pissed off as the boys appeared behind him. 

Emily: "Can I just come in? I'll explain everything." I ask softly as I feel my jaw burn. Zayn moved out of the way and I sat my bag on the chair before sitting down. Liam brought me some ice for my jaw and I gladly took it hoping to take away some of the pain. 

Emily: "After you dropped me off I waited for my brother to get home. Well, he showed up with two of his friends. Lets just say we got into an argument and he stormed off to his room." I paused to look at everyone and they all seemed to care so I continued. "His friend Kyle told me that it was a shame you had me, whatever that means because we don't date." I shake my head thinking about that. "Anyways, he started kissing at my neck and I pulled away quickly and punch him hard enough to knock him over." I heard all the boys chuckle and I think I heard Harry whisper she's a girl version of you Niall. "His friend, Adam came at me knocking me into the wall and punched me in the jaw. I kneed him in the balls and ran up to my room backing a bag and snuck out of my window. I thought I should come here but, if you want me to leave that's fine, I'll go." They all shake their heads no and I see Zayn's eyes become dark. 

Zayn: "I'm going to go pay them a visit" He said getting up abruptly. I pulled at his arm and begged him to stay but he was already gone. He was taken over by the monster inside of him and honestly, I hate seeing him like this. I started crying as I heard him drive off and the boys tried to distract me and played video games. All I could think about was Zayn, I hope he doesn't get hurt. Who the hell am I kidding? It's Zayn Malik. 

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