Tell me a lie

It all started with a lie. A small one that kept growing bigger and bigger until you couldn't run from it anymore, especially if it you're trapped on a tour bus with that lie, and the 5 boys you have to tell it to.


1. Prologue: We are who we are

As the boys perform, I sit backstage quietly, alone. I stare back at the reflection of me that the perfectly polished coffee table is giving me, and I think about myself and how I first met the boys. I remember how my foster parents had kicked me out of the house after I got out of Juvie for the 4th time, and I was lost on the streets with nowhere to go. It was Niall who first approached me. He introduced me to the rest of the boys, who took me under their wings and let me stay with them. They were so nice and never ask for anything from me, but I never did tell them that I was kicked out of my house or went to Juvie. I lied and told them that I had moved to London on my own, and that I didn't have a place to live yet. Yeah, I do think about that all the time. I think about everything I told them, because most of it was lie upon lie, but I can't do anything about it now. I'm on tour with them, so I've earned their trust, but that was their mistake letting me come with them. They think they know me, Sarina Arce, but they don't the half of it. Some people would say, "Don't you feel guilty?" but after all, we are who we are.

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