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Have you ever wondered what the general populace of Movellas was thinking? Well, here's a way to find out! Each week, a series of poll questions will be shown, allowing anyone to vote! At the end of the week, I will tally up the results and see what the popular opinion is! (Don't worry, all answer comments will be deleted once I see them, so your answers are confidential!)


1. Week 1- Features of Movellas

Each week, there will be a different theme of what the questions will mainly be about! This week's theme: Features of Movellas. Although it may be hard to choose, please only pick one option!

1) What is you favorite features of Movellas? (Not counting the story-writing part)
a) Competitions
b) Co-Authors/Private Chats
c) Early Access Codes
d) Groups
e) Mumbles/Blog Posts

2) What is your favorite change of the new Movellas layout?
a) None, I don't like it
b) Circle profile pictures
c) Bigger font sizes at the top menu
d) The greeness
e) Notifications (yes, they came before the Change, but they are still part of the new layout)

3) What is your least favorite part of the new Movellas layout?
a) Circle Profile pictures
b) Can't find the logout button
c) Can't find the "New Story" button
d) No Chains!
e) Nothing, I like the new layout!
f) Everything, I really dislike the new layout

4) Which Feature do you use most often? (Other than the story-writing part)
a) Co-Authors/Private Chats
b) Early Access Codes
c) Groups
d) Competitions
e) Other (please specify)

What is one Change or Addition you would like to see on Movellas?
a) Seperation of One Direction Fanfics and other stories
b) Private Chats of more than four people
c) Change the layout back to the way it was
d) Option to choose two or three genres for a story
e) Other (please specify)

So, please vote for only one option! The polls close once I get a decent number of votes to make a graph! (I'd say at least 10...) Stay tuned!

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