Never been kissed

My story is going to talk about a broken teenager girl who lived a true love story
But at the end .. Everything was a joke and a big lie
Hope you enjoy it , notice :: its a true story


4. True feelings

Nothing can change sara's feeling about harry . Day after day they spend it together as a friend , but No one in this world can understand their feelings . He is her friend before the become lovers, so she cant stay and see harry in a bad mood . So she take her decision to talk to the person who harry love . When she talked to her she told her : "why don't you love the person who love you ? because he lose the person who really love him just for you ? "  She replied :" i didn't do anything but i love someone else from two years " Sara said " its okay you don't deserve anything, anyway "  In the next day .. She told harry about what happened and he was in a shock and he was happy in the same time because he didn't think that sara will do something brave like this  He didnt know that sara can do anything just for him ..  The day after he talked to her and said "i can forget her if you stay with me "  She replied with a shy smile "i will be with you "  When you love someone true love . Its impossible to forget him easily , sara done everything to harry but he had some problems that no one in this world can know it  She cant say anything because she is afraid to lose harry again
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