Never been kissed

My story is going to talk about a broken teenager girl who lived a true love story
But at the end .. Everything was a joke and a big lie
Hope you enjoy it , notice :: its a true story


5. Saying goodbye

When your heart love someone .. All your feelings is connecting with him ,,  Sara found that harry was cheating her all the time .. She knew that he was talking to other girls . She couldn't stay calm , she screamed in his face saying from all her heart " I HATE YOU "  Harry was shock about her strong words .  Sara turned her head and walk away because anyone just try to heart sara she forget him and all the good days .  The day after the fight ,, some girls was trying to talk with sara just to make her relax to get back with the relation ship with harry . But she didn't accept any one . Harry told sara that he need her because he is not okay . But she replied proudly " Do you remember these words when i told you and you turned your back and didn't help me ? Feel it now ! "  Sara forgot all the good days and the good times that they were spend it together .  That was the End of the story between sara and harry    Thank you so much . I hope you like my story  My love :: SaRa 
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