Never been kissed

My story is going to talk about a broken teenager girl who lived a true love story
But at the end .. Everything was a joke and a big lie
Hope you enjoy it , notice :: its a true story


2. Fighting and hate

All the students said for the teachers that there is something bad between sara and harry , and harry didn't like what happened so in the Next day , everything had changed . They were fighting all the time , careless . In the first place harry didn't accept sara as a girlfriend but he think that he would lose her if he didn't enter in a relation ship with her. At the biology lab he screamed with a loud voice saying that "there is nothing between me and sara and we are just friends !" It was a big shock for sara because she loved him from all her heart so she went outside alone and she told her self : don't cry you are strong she hold her tears and get back to the biology lab.  When she back to home she screamed and said "why? Why me ? Everything bad happened to me ? I didn't deserve anything ! " she couldn't hold her tears anymore so she cried until she slept because she suffered from headache . 
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