Never been kissed

My story is going to talk about a broken teenager girl who lived a true love story
But at the end .. Everything was a joke and a big lie
Hope you enjoy it , notice :: its a true story


3. Big shock in the life

Sometimes , its too hard to choose a big decision in our life because it may change you to better or to worst !  That was sara's thinking .  Everyone in this big world can fell in love . She loved someone before . But she had broken ,he crushed her heart so she closed heart with a key and throw the key so far away , she thought that harry found the key and he had opened her heart and made her felt in love again .  They broke up but harry cant stop thinking about her . He used to send her some romantic songs saying that these songs for my girlfriend "he was talking about sara" he told her that i love you and we want to get back again. Sara accept and the back together but not like before  Every time they broke up and the next day the back together she don't know if he loved her or not ! But she loved him  One day , while she was sitting with harry ,she asked him : why this happened ? I love you why you don't love me ?  He told her " i love someone else but she don't love me but i cant stop thinking about her " 
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