Cousin Styles

For a kind, smart, funny, and pretty 14 year old named Hannah Martin's life was perfect. She had plenty of friends, happily married parents, and 3 crazy brothers. Although, that all changes when she meets her cousin for the first time, who just happens to go by the name of Harry Styles.


2. Woahhhh

"Mom...I didn't know you had another sister?" I asked confused.

"Well you see, when your grandmother, well my mother broke up with my father he took one of my sisters with him, and moved to the UK." Oh. My. God.

"Oh..." Was all I could choke out.

"Hello darling, I'm Anne. Also known as you're aunt." She laughed. I reached out to shake her hand but she just laughed and pulled me into a kind hug.

"Hi, I'm Hannah!" I exclaimed. Harry just stood there. I can't show him I'm a crazed fan. That would be awkward.

"Hi, I'm Hannah, incase you didn't just hear me say that 5 seconds ago." I laughed towards Harry. "As my mom said earlier your name is Harry, right?" I acted dumb.

"Uh yeah, hi I'm Harry!" He smiled and pulled me into a hug. Gosh, he's tall compared to me! Wait I wonder why they came all the way from the UK over here just to meet us?

"So ya'll are from the UK, right?" I asked, yeah I'm country.

"Yeah, and about that we have a bit of a surprise for you." Anne started.."You're moving to Holmes Chapel with us!"


"Yeah, you leave the day after tomorrow! Me and your brothers will be coming up next week. Your father is staying back for work. The only reason you're going early is so you can make some new friends and go sight seeing before we come up." My mom explained.

"But what about the dance?!" I exclaimed.

"You'll have more fun over in the UK, trust me. Anne even said Harry might take you to London for some sight seeing!" My mom exclaimed.

"Oh fun!"

"Yeah, tomorrow you can go to your school and say your final goodbyes and collect your belongings. Make sure everything you want to take to your new home you back by the end of tomorrow. We've bought you several suit cases." Anne explained.

"Thank you! But you didn't need to do that! And aren't suitcases expensive to take on planes? I can try to squeeze all my stuff into one." I reasoned. Anne and Harry just laughed and looked at each other.

"I think we can afford it!" Harry laughed. I just rolled my eyes.

"SO how about a tour of the house?" My mom requested. Oh no no no! Harry CAN NOT see my room. Lets just say I have posters. ALOT of posters.

"I think i'm going to call my friends. Break the news to them. Sorry! I'll be back down later!" I exclaimed running up to my room before anyone could protest.

Alright time to de-poster my room. This should be fun...

10 minutes later I had had every One Direction poster I owned shoved in my trash bin. THANK GOD Harry didn't see those. That would have been so awkward. He would have though his cousin was some kind of creeper or something. That woulda been swell....(Note the sarcasm) I guess i'll call Emily and break the news to her.

"Hey babe!" She answer. Yeah we have a bromance or girlmance whatever you want to call it.

"OH. MY. GOD. You'll never guess what happened. Can you meet me at the park right now?" I exclaimed.

"Sure babe, Be there in 10. Ciao!" The line went dead. Haha I wonder if she even asked the wicked which, erm I mean her step mother. You see, Em's mom died when she was young and her dad got remarried...TO THE FREAKING DEVIL! But 2 years after they married her dad passed away, leaving her stuck with the evil step mother. Sounds kinda like a Cinderella Story, ey? But seriously, the lady is so mean to her! I hate to leave Em all the way over her by herself, someday I'll fly her over to the UK to live with me.

"Mom can I go break the news to Em over at the park?" She gave me a death glare. "Pllllleeeease mom!"

"Fine, be back in 30 minutes. Harry and Anne want to get to know you. Your dad will be home with your brothers in an hour;."

"Thank you! Bye!" I exclaimed grabbing my phone and running out the door. Oh god I wonder how she'll take the news that my cousin is one of the 5 guys we dream of marrying and I'm moving with him to the UK...

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