Cousin Styles

For a kind, smart, funny, and pretty 14 year old named Hannah Martin's life was perfect. She had plenty of friends, happily married parents, and 3 crazy brothers. Although, that all changes when she meets her cousin for the first time, who just happens to go by the name of Harry Styles.


5. The Truth

I woke up the next morning... by being shook? Annoyed I opened my eyes to see Harry.

"Harrrrrry! Get away!" I wined.

"No you have school. Now GET UPPPP!" He kept shaking me.

"I don't need to go!! Eff my school supplies!" I groaned.

"Get up! I'm taking you to get your supplies and say your final goodbyes!" He pulled me out of the bed. I hit the floor with a loud thud. Hold the phone! Did he just say he's taking me?

"Ugh. Fine. But was pulling me out of my bed really necessary?!"

"Yep. Now get ready we're leaving in 20 minutes!" He exclaimed then walked out of my room...Oh god...If he goes in school with me all hell will break loose...Girls at my school are freaks for 1D..
Bout 15 minutes later I was finished with my hair, make up, and was dressed. Sluggishly, I made my way downstairs.

"God it took you long enough!" One of my brothers, named Joe, groaned.

"Yeah come on were going to be late for school!" My other brother, James, complained.

My other brother Ethan just sat there and ate his breakfast, cereal.

"Boys go ride the bus! The bus driver will be expecting you, as always! NO need to worry him!" My mom ordered.

"But mooooommm I want Harry to take me!" Joe wined.

"YEAH! Why doesn't Hannah have to ride the bus?" James was mad.

"It's her last day, give her some slack! Now go before I ground you!" She demanded.

Upset, James and Joe walked outside towards the school bus' stop, Ethan just skipped along them not really caring, being the 5 year old he is.

"Well I better start walking if I don't want to be late!" I exclaimed grabbing an apple and walking towards the door. Trying to avoid Harry taking me. I really don't want people knowing I'm his cousin...Fame life is not the life for me.

"Nonsense! Come on I'll take my new favorite cousin!" Harry exclaimed pulling me towards the door.

"But Harr.."
"No butts! Come along now!" He interrupted me, picking me up and throwing me in shotgun.

"Harry! If you take me now I'll be like 20 minutes early! I really don't want to sit outside of school that long..." I groaned.

"Fine! Lets go to Nandos, seeing you didn't eat breakfast."  I just laughed hysterically.

"What?" He looked confused at me.

"We don't have Nandos in America!" His face turned red. "But instead we can go to McDonalds!"

"Alright! McDonalds it is!" He laughed in his posh British Accent, causing my stomach to erupt in butterflies. I wish I had a cool accent like that. But nope I talk all country like.

We jammed out to several songs on the ways there, it was loads of fun. Suddenly, at a stop light he turned the music off and looked at me.

"Yes Harold?" I laughed.

"Do you really not know who I am?" I looked unconvinced.

"You're my long lost cousin Harry Styles from Holmes Chapel...?" I acted dumb.

"So you honestly don't know?" He looked shocked. I just stared at him.

"Well have you heard of the band One Direction?" He asked.

"Yeah! They're cool! I have a few of their songs on my ipod!" Actually, I have them all, haha.

"Well...I'm in One Direction.." He said slowly.

"Woah! Really?! I would have never guessed!" I said sarcastically.

"Wait so you did know?" He looked even more shocked. But then began driving again since the stop light turned green,

"Obviously....I don't live under a rock!" I laughed.

"Then why didn't you fan girl when you saw me?!"
"I'm not crazy? You're a regular person...AND my cousin!" I laughed. "I'm not going to scream because I see my cousin.."

"True. See I knew I liked you Han!" Harry ruffled my hair then but his hand back on the steering wheel.

"Oh so you didn't like me before?!" I fake pouted.

"Well of course I did! Your family! We have to love each other!"

"Wise Harold!" I laughed as we pulled into McDonalds."What do you want? I'll walk in and order so no one recognizes you."

"Oh smart thinking Han! You must be related to me, you're smart!" He exclaimed and I just rolled my eyes and he told me what he wanted. I was about to hop out of his rental Range Rover and walk into McDonalds when he pulled be back.

"Yes Harold?" I raised an eyebrow.

"You need money." He stated.

"I have money." I snapped back.

"You idiot here take this!" He shoved a $20 in my hand.

"NO. I'm using my money Harry! It's my treat! I mean I'm ordering more food than you anyways." I exclaimed shoving the money back at him.

"Hannah Rose Martin. I have more money than I can manage. Give me your wallet and take my freaking money!" Harry shouted. Sighing in defeat I handed him my wallet and took his cash.

Quickly I ordered the food then got back outside. I don't want anyone to have enough time to notice Harry through the car window, even though he has a beanie on.

"I'm baaaack!" I screamed as I hopped back in the car.

"Really now? You are?" Harry said sarcastically.

"Actually no, this is Hannah's ghost coming to haunt you. WOOOOOOH give me your soul!!" I laughed in Harry's face.

Doubled over in laughter he said;

"God Hannah you're like a mini Louis!!"

"Is that considered a good thing?" I asked while he drove towards my school across town.

"Depends. Now eat your food little missy. We'll back at your school in a few minutes and there's no need to waste perfectly good food! People in other countries are starving and.."
"Okay Harry I get it!" I laughed interrupting his little speech. While Harry rocked out to "We Are Young," by Fun I ate my hash browns, sausage, and pancakes from McDonalds. A few minutes later we pulled up into the school parking lot. Oh great I'm 10 minutes late for first hour.

" don't have to go in..." I informed

"Nonsense I'm helping you carry all your supplies!" He looked serious.

"But...girls at my school can be crazy and obsessive..." I warned.

"Enough! I'm coming in weather you like it or not!" He stated hopping out of the car.

Oh great. Whatever normalness I had left in my life is defiantly gone now. I just can't wait to see the look on Em's face when Harry walks with me into class when I say my final goodbyes.


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