Cousin Styles

For a kind, smart, funny, and pretty 14 year old named Hannah Martin's life was perfect. She had plenty of friends, happily married parents, and 3 crazy brothers. Although, that all changes when she meets her cousin for the first time, who just happens to go by the name of Harry Styles.


1. Super surprise

"Hannah get down here!" My mother yelled form downstairs. Ugh I've told her a million times I always to my homework right after school and like to be UNDISTURBED!

"Moooom! I'm doing my homework!" I shouted from my room.

"Hannah. Now." She demanded. Lazily, I drug myself downstairs. Lets just say I'm exhausted from school today. Its the last week of school my freshman year and the freshmen have ben preparing for the big end of the year high school dance. Luckily, I missed no days of school this year and I had straight A's so I get out of finals next week, YESS!

"Mom what's so important that I had to all all the way down here!?" I moaned walking into the living room.

"Hannah I'd like you to meet your aunt, also known as my sister, and her son." My mom said. Confused I looked up, not expecting what I saw next.

Harry Styles and his mom Anne Cox were standing in my freaking living room!

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