Cousin Styles

For a kind, smart, funny, and pretty 14 year old named Hannah Martin's life was perfect. She had plenty of friends, happily married parents, and 3 crazy brothers. Although, that all changes when she meets her cousin for the first time, who just happens to go by the name of Harry Styles.


6. Shocking Everyone

Slowly we made our ay towards the school doors, neither of us sure what to expect. Maybe kids in my school ill be mature not to freak out, haha yeah right.

"You ready?" I asked Harry.

"Yep." He didn't look to sure though. Unsurely, I rang the buzzer for the secretary to let us in the school. Seconds later the Button turned green signaling the door was unlocked.

"Hannah! I got your mom's email! I'm going to miss you!" Mrs. Liz the secretary exclaimed as we approached her desk.

"I'm going to miss you too, Mrs. Liz! Is it alright if I go say my final goodbyes and collect my items?"

"Of course sweetie. But hold your horses, who's this young man?" She looked towards Harry.

"Errrm that's my cousin...Harry." I said unsure if she recognized him.

"I swear I've seen you before! I just can wrap my finger around it!" She exclaimed. Harry and I exchanges nervous glances. "Oh I don't know. Here you two can go!" She let us into the HS halls. Sending each other relieving glances Harry and me walked towards my 1st hour class. Oh joy Em's in this class.

"Gosh that was close!" I exclaimed.

"I know! I surely thought she was going to figure out who I was there for a minute!" Harry exclaimed.

"Well thank the lord she didn't!" I laughed as we approached the door. Harry was about to knock when I stopped him.

"What?" He sighed.

"I'm scared. You stay out here until I tell you to come in." I ordered.

"Fine, now go girl! You're burning day light!" He laughed.

Reluctantly I knocked on the door and someone let me in. As I walked in Mrs.Galley,the teacher, glared at me.

"Finally decided to show up for class?" She snapped.

"Actually, I'm just stopping by to say my final goodbyes." I stated walking towards her desk. All eyes were on me by now. Her face softened and she responded.

"Final goodbyes?"

"Yes, I'm moving to the United Kingdom tomorrow. Right now I'm collecting my items and saying my final goodbyes."

I heard a gasp from across the class, I turned to see Emily walking over.

"You actually weren't lying?!" She sounded shocked.

"Why would I come up with something like that?!" I rolled my eyes then faced the teacher again.

"I'll miss you!" I exclaimed giving her a hug.

"I'll miss you too, Hannah!" Mrs.G exclaimed back.

"Actually you did lie about one part!" Em laughed, silly Em I always win.

Ignoring her I talked to the teacher again;

"Want to meet my cousin i'm moving with?"
"Sure is she here?"

"It's a guy and yes he's in the hall! I'll bring him in!" I exclaimed walking towards the door, everyone watched me curiously. When I passed Emily I winked, she looked confused.

"Ohhh Harry!" I called while I peaked my head out the door. Emily looked shocked. I smirked.

"Yes?" He called from by outside the door.

"My teacher wants to meet you, come on in!" I exclaimed. He rolled his eyes, walking in. Everyone gasped as he walked through the door.

Suck that Emily!

"You weren't lying?!" She gasped.

"I would never do that." I smiled as people began crowding around Harry. I should probably help him...

"HEY!" I screamed, everyone stopped freaking out. "Leave my poor cousin alone! We need to go!"
Everyone soon ignored my comment and went back to attacking Harry with questions and comments. He looked over to me for help. Quickly, I grabbed his hand and pulled him away.

"Run." I whispered and e took off running.

Barely making it out of the school alive, we hopped in the Range Rover Harry had rented when he arrived in America.
"'re...insane..." I said between breaths.

"You got that right!" He laughed driving off. Tired, we sat in an unawkward silence the rest of the way home. About half way there he looked at me scared.

"What did I do?" I laughed.

"We have to go back! You didn't get your stuff!" He exclaimed sacredly.

"Harry, I honestly don't care about a couple pencils pens and a mirror! We don't need to go back!" I reasoned.

"Good, because I wasn't taking you back!" He laughed. I just punched him on the side

"HEY do you want me to wreck and us die!?" He exclaimed.

"Nahh I'm good!" I laughed as we turned onto the block my house is on. Finally we got there and I just sat in the car. Harry was about to open the front door when he noticed I hadn't moved.

"You coming?!" He yelled.

"Nope. I'm to tired to move!" I complained.

"Get your lazy bum up and come inside!" He ordered.



"Yes! Now!"

"NO! NO! NO!"

"Hannah! Now or i'll lock you out!"

"I'll just sleep right here!"

Letting out a groan Harry walked back towards the car.

"I'm not walking Harry or I'll die!" I groaned. Sighing he picked me up and carried me inside and set me down on the couch.

"Ahhh much better than walking! Thank you Hawwy!" I said like a baby.

"Gosh you really don't act 14, do you?"  He laughed.

"Nope but you still love me!" I laughed.

"You remind me so much of Lou! I bet you would like him!" Harry exclaimed.

"I bet so..." I trailed off. "I'm bored! Let's do something!"

"Okay..what do you want to do?" Harry asked.

"Wait I know my brothers are still at school and my mom and dad are at work, but wheres Anne?!" I worried.

"Don't worry Han Bear! She walked into town to do some shopping!" Harry laughed as relief washed over me.

"Thank god! I thought evil fans had got her!" I said seriously.  Harry busted out laughing. I looked at him confused.

"You are just like Louis!" Harry sounded...sad?
"Awwwww is little Harry home sick?" I giggled poking his nose.

"No, i'm a big boy!" He pouted. "Now lets do something!"

"Like what?"  I groaned.

"I don't know, you decide."

"No you."

"No. YOU."





That went on a while until I got bored and poked Harry's nose. Sighing over how much my life has changed, I lied back on the couch




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