Cousin Styles

For a kind, smart, funny, and pretty 14 year old named Hannah Martin's life was perfect. She had plenty of friends, happily married parents, and 3 crazy brothers. Although, that all changes when she meets her cousin for the first time, who just happens to go by the name of Harry Styles.


14. London Fun

"Hannah? Do you think you've ate enough?!" Harry shouted in shock. I just mumbled some random response back while I ate another chicken leg. He was about to shoot back with some sarcastic response but was thankfully interrupted by the front door swinging open. 

"IIII""VVVVEEE ARRRIVED!!" A voice shouted rather loudly from the front door. I looked over to see the one and only Louis Tomlinson strutting through the door and a gorgeous Eleanor following behind laughing and shaking her head. Oh my god. 

"BOO BEAR!" Harry shouted running towards him as Louis shouted "HAAAZZZA!" Once they reached each other they...hugged? each other.

"Wait so that whole Larry Stylinson bromance thing is real?"  I asked in shock.

"Obviously. And it't not really a bromance, it's a romance!" El exclaimed, "I'm Louis' best friend, not his girlfriend! That's disgusting!" She laughed hysterically. Meanwhile, i stood there in complete utter shock, unable to comprehend what just occurred. 

"Yeah, we've happily been a couple since 2010!" Harry exclaimed. "And i love him with all my heart!" 

"Awwww i love you too Hazza!" Louis cooed and kissed Harry's cheek. 

Ok. This is defiantly news to me.

"Uhhh...I'm glad for you guys!" I exclaimed, trying to hide my complete shock. Just as i was about to speak again all 3 of them broke out into a mad fit of laughter.

"You...should....have...see-een....your face!" Harry exclaimed between laughs, while he rolled on the floor.

"Man we got you good!" El exclaimed clenching her stomach from laughing so hard.
"Wait what i'm so confused?!" I exclaimed.

"They aren't really dating, me and Lou are!" El exclaimed walking over to Lou and kissing him in the cheek.

"HAHA WE GOT YOU GOOD!" Louis shouted, still laughing.

"WE'RE NOT REALLY GAY! WE'RE BI! LOU DATES ME AND EL!" Harry shouted then broke out laughing again, me in even more shock than earlier as Lou simply nodded his head, along with Eleanor. 

"Oh..uhh...wait what?! Really!?" I shouted. "Please someone tell me the truth?! My tiny brain can't comprehend this much confusion in one day! Let alone one year!"
"Okay. Fine everyone here is perfectly straight. These ding-bags here thought it would be funny to welcome you home by pranking you." El explained.

"Oh thankgod." I sighed. "Not that i would care if ya'll were gay but still! That would be to much to take in today! And i mean seriously wouldn't Harry of told me that before i came?!" I laughed.

"Who knows with Harry, he actually could be gay." Lou shrugged.

 "Yeahh..." Harry began, "WAIT! Hey now! NO!" 

Now it was my turn to die laughing. These boys are too much. Oh and El, haha.


A/N: Sorry it's short, i PROMISE I'll start updating again(: Love all of you

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