Cousin Styles

For a kind, smart, funny, and pretty 14 year old named Hannah Martin's life was perfect. She had plenty of friends, happily married parents, and 3 crazy brothers. Although, that all changes when she meets her cousin for the first time, who just happens to go by the name of Harry Styles.


8. Family "love"

Hours later I was awaken by the sound of voices.

"Awwww how cute!"

"Sleepy kids!"

"Take a picture!"
"I'm tweeting this!"

Wait tweeting what? Confused I opened my eyes to reveal my 11 year old brother, Joe and a few of his friends standing above Harry and me in our fort. Harry was still sound asleep beside me. I guess he's back from school. I wonder where Ethan and James are? And gosh I guess Anne isn't back yet either.

"What are you guys doing?!" I groaned. "I'm trying to sleep!"
"Check your twitter sis!" My brother shouted and ran off laughing. Confused I walked up to my room and opened my laptop. Opening Twitter in a new tab I impatiently waited while my notifications loaded.

"Jooooe!" I groaned as I saw what he meant. There I was tagged in a photo he posted of me and Harry asleep in our fort, with the caption "Aw cousinly love!"

There goes any privacy I had left in my life.

"Joe! Delete that NOW!" I yelled running around the house trying to find him. Finally I found him and his annoying friends in the back yard.


"Yes my lovely sister?" He smirked.

"Delete that picture! Now!"

"Nope!" He laughed while playing baseball with his friends.

"Wait was that the real Harry Styles in your living room?" His friend, Mason, asked.

"No dip." I rolled my eyes while responding. All of his friends mouths dropped open.

"Seeing you're not going to delete the picture goodbye!" I snapped while walking back inside.

When I got back up in my room I noticed my iPhone was buzzing like crazy, what the heck?

All Twitter notifications....Crap. People saw the picture. I've gained like 3,000 followers...

Surprise Surprise people are tweeting me about Harry. Ugh. Now all i'm going to be known fo is being Harry Styles' cousin. How lovely. Sighing loudly and turning my laptop back on I didn't even notice Harry walk in my room.

"What's wrong cuz?" He asked from beside me, startled I jumped about 5 feet in the air, haha.

"Joe posted a picture of us napping on Twitter with the caption "Aw cousinly love" and now everyone's found me." I sighed.

"Hey who cares! It's not a big deal! Now come on my moms home with groceries...Maybe she brought ice cream!" Harry exclaimed pulling me out of my room. Wait...what did Aunt Anne buy groceries? She doesn't even live here...Whatever haha.

"Need some help?" I asked Anne while Harry pulled me into the kitchen.

"No I'm fine. Have you packed your bags yet?" She asked...OH CRAP! I forgot all about that!

"Oh shoot! I forgot! Here I'll go pack now!" I exclaimed running towards the stairs about halfway upstairs Harry chucked the suitcases they bought me at me.

"Thank you so much." I rolled my eyes and dashed into my room deciding what stuff I wanted to keep or not. Turning on my stereo I began rocking out to music while I packed.

Nearly 2 hours later I was finished packing practically my WHOLE room.

"Finished!" I exclaimed hopping onto the couch in the living room where my family's watching some weird show. I guess someone took down me and Harry's fort.

"That's good honey!" My dad smiled walking into the room.

"Are you scared for flying tomorrow?" M mom asked. Oh crap...I forgot about my fear of airplanes. Not able to respond my face turned an immense pale color.

"Hey don't worry! Flying isn't that bad!" Anne exclaimed.

"Yeah I've flown plenty of times! It's fun!" harry reinforced.

"B-b-b-but what if we crash?!" I worried.

"Scream for your life and hope not to die." Harry laughed. I just looked wide eyed at him.

"Hannah calm down, you guys are flying on the safest plain out there!" My dad explained while my mom nodded.

"An even safer plane then the plane your brothers and me are using next week." My mom added.

"Okay so what's for dinner?" I asked clearly wanting to change the topic.

"I was thinking we should all go out for dinner tonight since you're leaving tomorrow!" My mom exclaimed.

"YAAAY!" My brothers all cheered, since we obviously don't get to go out for dinner a lot.

"But wait..." I interrupted everyone's excitement. "What about Harry?!"

"What do you mean what about Harry?" My mom looked confused. "He'll come too!
"Fans will see him and ambush him!" I looked at Harry. "And I'm not up for that again!" I added a laugh at the end remembering the kids at my school this morning.

"Again?" Anne gasped.

"Yeah! At my school this morning the crazy fans like smothered Harry and so we had to run out of the school with the chasing us!" I explained. "It was freaky, like a zombie attack!"

"Don't worry guys I'll wear a disguise!" Harry informed us.

"Alright so it's all set! At 6 we'll take off for Applebee's. Just dress casually!" My dad ordered.

Not to sure what to expect of tonight, I started up to my room to get ready. Honestly, I think the fans will notice Harry and this will turn into one hectic night!

Since I still had a while when I got up in my room I decided to check my twitter since getting ready won't take a while. Noticing that I hadn't tweeted in awhile, I ignored all my new followers and people tweeting me about Harry, and tweeted a new tweet.

Dinner with the family tonight! Not sure what to expect!

Woah in like 5 seconds I had a ton of favorites and replies! I guess I'll respond to some tweets.

@1dgirl5:@Hannahmartin do you really know @harrystyles?:0

@Hannahmartin:@1dgirl5 yep! That would be my annoying big cousin!:p @harrystyles sorry! You know I love you!(:

A/N: Not real twitter names(other than Harry's) If they are real names SORRY!I just made these up!)

A few seconds my phone buzzed telling me someone responded to my tweet. I really need to turn my twitter notifications on my phone off since I have so many now!

@Harrystyles:@1dgirl5 Yeah and unfortunately @hannahmartin is my annoying cousin!:p

Oh so now Harry tweeted back, gosh this girl is going to be going crazy!

@hannahmartin:@harrystyles You know you love me!(;

@JoeMartin:@harrystyles and @hannahmartin SHUT UP! You're blowing up my twitter!!!

@Harrystyles; @Joemartin Oh great now you're joining me and @Hannahmartin 's Twitter War!! #itson

A/N: Joe Martin is Hannah's 11 year old brother.

@Hannahmartin: I'm always the winner though! @harrystyles @joemartin

@joemartin; @Hannahmartin and @harrystyles you both better watch out or both of your precious curls get it!

@Harrystyles: @joemartin FINE! YOU WIN! Hurt @hannahmartin 's curls! Not mine!

@hannahmartin: @joemartin @harrystyles I hate you both :( Now get off twitter and get ready for dinner !

I was bout to shut my laptop to get ready when I noticed a new tweet from a certain someone.

@Louis_Tomlinson: I agree @hannahmartin ! @harrystyles is a lazy bum! And @joemartin they're blowing up my twitter 2 :/

OMFG. Louis Tomlinson just tweeted me!!!!! I would respond but we're leaving for dinner in 20 minutes and I need to get ready!

Hmmm now that I think about it I might like being Harry Styles' cousin....just maybe...






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