Cousin Styles

For a kind, smart, funny, and pretty 14 year old named Hannah Martin's life was perfect. She had plenty of friends, happily married parents, and 3 crazy brothers. Although, that all changes when she meets her cousin for the first time, who just happens to go by the name of Harry Styles.


4. Family Fun

So we all sat around the living room preparing to "get to know" each other. I mean how awkward is that! Getting to know your cousin and aunt who are world famous...

"Well since I know everything, well mostly everything, about your mum, and your brothers aren't here, lets get to know you, Hannah." Anne exclaimed.

"Whatcha wanna know?" I asked shoving my phone in my pocket.

"Hmmm lets see....favorite color?" Anne asked.

"Ohhh the basics!" I laughed out loud. "Hmmm I'd have to say purple!"

"Favorite food?" Harry asked.

"Tacos for sure!" I grinned.

"Hey me too! I guess we really are related!" Harry exclaimed jumping up from his spot beside me on the couch and high fiving me. EEEEEEP I just high fived Harry Styles! Come on Hannah, be cool! He's your freaking cousin! You're going to live with him!

"So do you play any sports?" Harry continued.

"Yep! Softball, basketball, volleyball, cross country, and soccer, erm well as they call it in the UK "football." " I explained.

"Athletic one, huh! That's good! Harry here needs some exercise! When he's on break from work all he does is sleep and play video games!" Anne exclaimed.

"Hey my work is pretty exhausting!" Harry stuck out his tongue.

"Yes...being a world fam-"

"So what kind of music do you like!" Harry for some reason cut off Anne.

"Well I like a load of varieties, as long as it's catchy!" I laughed at my stupidness, of course its catchy!  "But mostly country music!" And One Direction music...But they don't need to know that!

"Honestly, though enough about me! Tell me something's about you guys!" I said to Anne and Harry. Although I'm pretty sure I know it all...

Harry looked...scared?

"You first Harry!" Anne laughed.

"Ermmm...well...I like football, tacos, and cats?"

"Are you in college?" I asked him...well obviously he's not.

"No I decided not to attend college..." He mumbled.

"Oh then what kind of job do you have?"

"I...umm..." He looked over to Anne. Just as he was going to continue commotion occurred at the door. My dad was home with my brothers, and dinner.

"Were home!!!" One of my brothers yelled. I swear I heard Harry let out a sigh of relief as we made our way towards the kitchen.

Dinner was pretty boring, just eating the food my dad brought and Anne and Harry getting to know my brothers. Anne even told us how she has a daughter, named Gemma, who couldn't come because she's back home at the university. Hehe but I already knew that.

"Well as fun as this is, I'm exhausted. Goodnight everyone!" I exclaimed walking towards the stairs that led to the top floor where our bedrooms are. A chorus of good nights and sleep wells sounded from behind me.

Exhausted from todays events, I changed into a comfy t-shirt and shorts and jumped onto the bottom bunk of my bunk beds. Thinking of how different my life is going to be, I smiled. Then, a wave of nervousness washed over me. What if people start hating me because they find out I'm living with Harry! What if Anne, Gemma, and Harry get to know me and hate me! What if no one at school believes I'm Harry Styles' cousin! What if...

Interrupting my thoughts someone walked into my bedroom. Confused I look towards the door.

"Hey Hannah, I'm tired. Can I sleep on your top bunk?" Oh it was just Harry.

"Sure thing, it's defiantly more comfortable than the couch!" I laughed while he climbed up the ladder.

"You got that right." He laughed while he laid down.

"Hey Harry..." I started.


"What did you think when your mom told you that you had cousins in a whole different country? Were you mad that she kept that from you your whole life?"

"Actually....I was mad! I mean she had a sister in a whole different country and waited until I was 19 to tell me! That's not right!" He sighed.

"Yeah. But hey at least they told us now." I said.

"Yep, now I have a little cousin I can torture. Hey maybe one day while you're sleeping when we get back I'll die your hair blue! That sounds fun!"

"Shut up jerk! Or I cut off your curls!" I warned.

"Hon, you do realize you have curls too? I could easily cut off them!" He laughed.

OH crap, I do have curls. I can't believe I never noticed how much alike me and Harry look until now...I mean I have curly brown hair, green eyes, dimples. Also Anne and my mother look so much alike... Obviously considering they're twins..

"Harry, I'd come back with a  clever comeback but I'm exhausted!" I sighed. "Good night!"

"Night Hannah! Sweet dreams! Love ya!" He whispered from the top bunk. Woah. Hold up. He just said he loved me! Well obviously he does were cousins...but still it's HARRY STYLES MAN! This is really going to take some getting use to! Well I guess I should get some sleep now...Tomorrows going to be a LONG day.









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