Cousin Styles

For a kind, smart, funny, and pretty 14 year old named Hannah Martin's life was perfect. She had plenty of friends, happily married parents, and 3 crazy brothers. Although, that all changes when she meets her cousin for the first time, who just happens to go by the name of Harry Styles.


15. Drama

"So Hannah how do you like London so far?" El asked as we all sat around the table eating various foods we ordered from room service.

"Well....I haven't actually been into town yet and seen real sites, but the hotel is amazing!" I laughed.

"We need to change  that!" Louis shouted, "After we're done eating lets take Hannah site seeing!" 

Everyone nodded in approval, as did I. This is going to be awesome.

After shoveling all the food i could in my mouth that my stomach could handle with out barfing, I decided to get on twitter.

Scrolling through my feed, one tweet caught my eye. 

Harry Styles is dating 14 year old Hannah Martin! For more information click the link attached! 

"What the hell?!" I shouted out loud then broke out into a fit out laughter. 

"What the heck Han?!" Harry asked, i replied by shoving my phone at him. He soon joined my laughter session, followed by El and Lou.

"Out of all the crazy stories i've seen this has to be the weirdest!" Harry exclaimed.

"Got that right!" Lou laughed. Laughing along with them, i continued down my twitter feed. My heart dropping at a conversation between some kids from my old school.

@1DGIRL: @Hannahmartin is slut! Harry is like 5 years old than her! EW! 

@ShaunaRenne: @1DGIRL aren't they cousins?! That's messed up! I guess that's why she moved with him, so they could be fuck buddies!

@SexyWill: @ShaunaRenne @1DGIRL: She always was easy when she lived here. She fucked like every guy in the freshmen class!
@Trent_Boss: @SexyWill: And the sophomore class too!

Tears began welling up in my eyes as i read on. 

@Tiana: Guys. Don't waste your breath tweeting about that skank. She'll be preggo by the time she's 15. 

@ConnerL: WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP! Hannah was your friend when she lived here,just because she's Harry's cousin doesn't mean u should get all jealous and hate her.
 I smiled at that last tweet, Connor always was a nice guy.

@Emma_Boo: She's ugly. We never thought of that slut bag as our friend. 

@JoJoBae: @Emma_Boo yeah, she might as well die so poor Harry doesn't have to pretend to care for her anymore, since all she is to him is a sex toy.

@BasketballStud: @JoJoBae I don't blame him though, she is hot. I'd fuck her.

Dropping my phone I ran out of the room so no one would see me cry. Collapsing on my bed I let the tears flow down my cheeks. How could they say this stuff about me? None of that was true! I never did any of that stuff! Some friends... 

A knock on my door soon interrupted my thoughts, quickly i wiped my tears trying to hide that i was crying.

"Hannah..." Harry began walking towards my bed.

"Yeah Harry?" I pretended to be happy.

"Don't try to act happy, we saw the tweets."

"What tweets?" I croaked out trying to act dumb. "I don't know what you're talking about!" I smiled, trying to hold back the tears. 

"Come here.." He softly exclaimed pulling me into his arms. "It's okay Hannah. They don't matter. They're just jealous."
"I-I-I d-don't get it-t." I sobbed into his chest. "Why would they say that stuff?! None of it's true!"
"Hannah. Listen to me. They're just jealous, you're living their dream while they're stuck back in that small town.."
"NO Harry." I interrupted him. "They said I should die. People don't say that just because of some silly jealousy. They say it because there's a reason, so obviously they have a good reason on why i should be maybe i should just k.."
"SHUTUP!" He screamed cutting me off."Hannah. Never ever ever say that. They may have one silly reason they want you dead, but you have a million reasons to live. You're perfect in a million ways. And i'm not just saying that because you're my cousin. Everyone deserves to live, even you. You're smart, caring, funny, and a beautiful girl. And don't you feel like everyone hates you, you have your whole family, your best friend Emily, and now a bigger family too, my mum, Gemma, me, and the One Direction family. We all love you HanBear. SO PLEASE don't ever think those things again because of some silly jealous kids, who were obviously never true friends." 

"Thankyou so much Harry, I love you." I exclaimed, hugging him. His words sunk replayed in my mind, making me smile. He truly is the best cousin anyone could have.

"Love you too Han, now get cleaned up we're going sight seeing!" He exclaimed running out of my room.

Fixing my hair in my bathroom, I heard a ding on my phone, signaling i have a new notification. 

@Harrystyles tweeted. Yeah i get notifications when Harry tweets, i gotta keep an eye on my cousin !

@Harrystyles: Why are some people so inconsiderate? How about you stop hating on my wonderful cousin and work on fixing your poor personality. 

@Harrystyles: Oh and apparently i'm dating my COUSIN Hannah. Died laughing for several mins when we heard that one!

Laughing out loud i shook my head at his silliness and skipped down stairs with a new found confidence, excited to go sight seeing. 


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