Expectations and Heartbreaks

Sam Carter bumps into none other that Harry Styles on her way to an interview for a photography job. Who knew that having coffee spilled down your shirt was a turn on? Is it better to love no one than more than one person at once?


4. Taxis and Twitter

"Um guys?" Zayn clears his throat. 

"Oh... uh... yeah. Lets get started" I say, embarrassed. Its a good thing that they don't know how bad I wanted to kiss him. Who am I kidding? He has millions of girls he could choose from. Why would I even think about kissing him? Sam! I thought to myself, you met this boy today. He is just another player with a beautiful face. A VERY beautiful face. 

Looking back at past boyfriends, it seems that I am very attracted to the player type, only to turn around and find them kissing another girl. Don't worry though. I don't purposely choose them.

I guess the idea of being in love is fun to me. Obviously i've never been in true love, or those who I "loved" wouldn't have actually cheated on me. So I've learned. If you don't fall in love, you don't get your heart broken, easy as that. 

"Alright guys. I think I have enough shots. You guys are good to go," I say with a smile. 

"Aren't you going to come with us?" Nialll asks looking sad, as if the thought of me not coming made him want to cry. 

"Oh yeah! I totally forgot! Let me just text my friend and tell her where I'm going," I take out my phone and text Cass.

Me: Hey Cass! I know you're out but just telling you I won't be around till later tonight!:)

Cass: Ok! What are you planning to do?;)

Me: Oh just hang with some friends. Talk to ya soon:)

I laugh to myself. Cass has the amazing ability to turn anything I say into something dirty. 

I guess Harry saw me smirk to myself and couldn't help but coming over. "Something naughty?" he asks with a cheeky grin on his face. 

"How'd you know?" I say returning the same look.

"There's a difference between a smile from a sweet text, and a cheeky grin from a dirty text. Believe me. I would know." He says with a laugh.

"I don't doubt that you would," now i'm laughing too. 

"Oh no. Don't start the laughing thing again." 

"I don't mean to! I guess I find a lot of things funny" I say trying to hold in my laughter.

"Sam, I'm going to take you on a date." Harry says randomly.

My stomach flutters and feels like it does a whole front flip.

"What if I say no to your offer?" I say trying to hide my smile.

"Because how could you say no to this?" and he puts on his best puppy dog face, which I must say, is pretty damn good. 

"Alright, you win. I can't say no." I say with a grin.

"I never lose" he says and  we walk and join the rest of the group.

Of course he never loses. He's Harry Styles for heaven's sake. But it makes me think how many girls he's used that clever little line on. I'll take a guess and say that I'm not the first.

"Sam let me see your phone" Zayn asks and holds out his hand.

"Why?" I say taking it out of my pocket.

"It's a secret" he replies like its the most obvious thing in the world.

"You just gave him your phone?!" Louis gasps.

"Yeah why?"

"Do you not have super secret stuff on there?" 

"Well I erase all that stuff so in situations like this, I don't have anything to hide. I figure you obviously won't be lending me your phone anytime soon" I say with a smirk. 

"There." Zayn says handing my phone back to me. "I just went ahead and added all of our numbers in just in case"

"Oh thanks. I hope none of you mind me having your number" 

"I was just going to put mine in" Harry says indicating that he didn't mind. "but I want your number too" 

I put my number in his phone and he puts it back in his pocket. 

We all figured we wouldn't all fit in one taxi so we split up and got two. I rode with Harry and Zayn, and Louis, Niall, and Liam all rode in one. 

We sat in silence for a minute when Harry asks me if I had a twitter. 

"Yeah I do. Its samcarter33. Why?" 

"You'll see." I hear my phone buzz so I take it out of my purse.

I have a text from Derek, one of my best friends, and a notification on Twitter.

@Harry_Styles: shoutout to @samcarter33 for making my day 100000 times better by making me laugh and being the most gorgeous photographer out there. 

I RTed it and looked at my notifications again. I had gained 45,000 followers in like 5 minutes just since Harry tweeted that! 

I smile to myself and look over to Harry and see him staring at me. I smile at him. He smiles back at me and whispers in my ear, "You don't know how bad I want to kiss you right now." 

"Oh believe me Styles, I do." I say, smirking.

"Alright you two were here. And don't pretend like I didn't see that." Zayn announces and starts getting out of the cab. He starts cracking up when he sees the look on Harry's face.

Obviously Harry hasn't hasn't been interrupted because he looked very angry. "Damn you Zayn" Harry grumbles and leads me inside. 

The other boys were already inside sitting around a table eating pizza. There was only one slice left and by the look in Niall's eyes, it was already his. "Thanks for saving us some guys," Harry says sarcastically, "Sam want to go grab something to eat real quick?" 

"Sure. I'm starving" I say. "See you guys later. We won't be too long," Harry says and grabs his keys.

"Now that we're away from them, we can have a proper date. I'm taking you to the mall to buy you a new top to replace the one I spilled on today" He says while opening my door. I know. He's a real gentleman.

"You really don't have to buy me-" I started to say but he interrupts me with a kiss. He pull away and looks embarrassed. "Why did you stop?" I say and lean in again.



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