Expectations and Heartbreaks

Sam Carter bumps into none other that Harry Styles on her way to an interview for a photography job. Who knew that having coffee spilled down your shirt was a turn on? Is it better to love no one than more than one person at once?


2. Meeting the boys and Pics



"I see you have already met the handsome Harry Styles," Now let’s go meet the rest of the boys.” I noticed right away that Palmer had an American accent.

“You have a beautiful accent Palmer. Where are you from?” I asked as we walked into a room.

“California. I was born there and moved here about 11 years ago for this job,” she said. “Sam, meet Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. You already know Harry so I won’t bother introducing you to him, and boys, meet Sam Carter. I’ll leave you guys to get to know each other and we’ll get on with the photoshoot in about 2 hours. Make yourselves at home.” She nods to the couches and walks out of the room.

“Hello Sam, nice to meet you.” Liam politely says.

“Thanks, nice to meet you too” I say with a smile back.

“Sam, you do not know how grateful we are that you’re the new photographer.” Louis says.

“A man came in earlier to apply for the job but Palmer turned him down. She was really pleased with your pictures. They really are amazing.” Harry says.

“Thanks Harry.” I grin at him.

“Do you want to come hang out with us later today after the photo shoot? We’re all going to my flat to hang for awhile.” Louis asks me.

“Sure! My roommate is going to be out tomorrow so I’d have nothing to do anyway” I reply.

We all sit and talk about our lives and what we are planning to do with them. We talk until Palmer comes in to tell us that it is time for the photo shoot.

I’m so surprised she is letting me do this on my first day here. Without an interview or anything. Oh well, I’m not going to complain. I’ve got a job that pays good money so I’ll be fine.

“So do you work here Palmer?” I ask on our way.

“Yes. But I’m more like the boys personal assistant. Oh and before I forget, I was meaning to ask you if you do any styling.”

“Like arranging outfits?”

“Yes like for photos and concerts and things. Ours just quit so we need a new one. Would you like that job also?”

“I’d love it! Thank you so much”

“Fantastic. I’ll let the boys know. So you’ll need to pick an individual outfit for each of the boys personal photos, and an outfit for the group picture. We like to have them kind of coordinating if that’s alright with you.”

“Yeah sure its fine. I can pick any colors?”

“Anything you want. Be creative, but not over the top. And have fun!” She says enthusiastically. She walks out of the room and leaves me with the boys.

“Alright guys, um, I guess I’m going to pick out outfits and you’ll be on your way to hair and makeup.” I say walking over to one of the many racks of clothing that had just been rolled into the room.

“Sam?” Niall says.


“We don’t have a hair and makeup stylist. Usually our stylist just does it.” Harry replies.

“Shit. I have no idea how to do that.” I say with a worried tone. “I guess I’ll just have to make it work”

I pick an outfit for each of the boys and I walk into the other room while they change.

“Sam we don’t care if you see us in our boxers,” Harry says with a cheeky grin.

“Yeah? Nice try. But I do.” I say with a laugh.

One thing about me. I have a very interesting laugh. For some reason when ever I start to laugh, everyone around me starts cracking up to, because all the boys start to laugh too. We just sit there and laugh like idiots for 10 minutes.

“You have the most beautiful and contagious laugh I have ever heard.” Harry says once we all calmed down from our hysterical laughing session.

I blush and smile. “Thanks” was all I could say. I look down at the ground for a second then back up at Harry and we lock eyes. I notice that he has gorgeous green eyes. I give him a smile, and he smiles back showing off his adorable dimple. 

I realized something. Harry Styles is the most beautiful boy I had ever met. 

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