Meet me at the waterfall

Arriana and Gigi are best friends. They both sing and play guitar. There belly dancers not professional. One day when there singing on the the beach, these guys come and listen.But what they didn't know that these guys would make a big impact on there life. there names are Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Find out in meet my at the water fall


3. Love at 1st sight <3

               sorry for not updating i was grounded from my laptop  i hope you love this chapter




                                        HARRY P.O.V


   I just came back from surfing my mate Niall at a beach in Santa Cruz.

 Me and Niall decided to take a walk down the beach and saw a massive rock. we went behind it and it was beautiful. It had a waterfall with crystal clear water and a little pool, that look about 6 feet deep. With a meadow and a bench. Me and Niall both said wow at the same time. Then two girls turned around one had blue eyes with and brown hair and teal highlights. She was absolutely gorgeous i totally fancy her. The other girl had crystal blue eyes and red hair. I could obviously tell Niall fancy big time.



                                      NIALL P.O.V



    Once I laid my eyes on the one with red i hair i instantly fell in love. At first they looked a little scared and mad at the same time. we all introduced our selves the one with red hair was named Gigi the one with red was named Arriana. Me and Gigi went next to the little pool and played the guitar. we thought each other different notes. we got bored after a while and jumped into the mini pool and swam. so did harry and Arriana after a while of singing. it was almost 10:00 so we left to go to our flats.




  sorry for the short chapter hope you like it if you wanna be in the story leave how you want your charecter to be


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