Meet me at the waterfall

Arriana and Gigi are best friends. They both sing and play guitar. There belly dancers not professional. One day when there singing on the the beach, these guys come and listen.But what they didn't know that these guys would make a big impact on there life. there names are Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Find out in meet my at the water fall


6. lessons




                                          NIALL P.O.V


       Today me and harry are taking GG and Ari to the beach to teach them how to surf. right now im getting my board shorts on and doing my hair.when im just thinking about her saying her name the feeling is so amazing..... i think im in love. i can't wait to see her i better get going. i get to her house and when she opens the door her long red hair looks perfect her blue eyes are just sparkle her body looks so perfect in her bikini... shes just.....perfect. "hi GG r u ready to learn to surf.?". " hey babe, come in let me put my hair in a bun and i will be right there OK." gigi said as she gave my a kiss. i waited at the kitchen and ate some fruit. gigi came out and said "im ready lets go." we walked to the beach and i couldn't take my eyes of her. "what" gg said we stopped i held her hand and said " GG you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen your eyes body hair your everything is just so perfect." she started blushing. we both lean in for a kiss i hold her neck and she kisses very softly she gets closer and her tongue gained entrance. she pulls away and says..." I love you" "i love you more GG." so walk the rest of the way holding hands and giggling. we find a large rock in i put her surf board and help her get i was holding her waist to help her gain balance she gets balance and i let go "babe i think i got the hang of this". gg said. "great sweetie" i help her by picking her up bridal style. "oh i see Ari and Hazz." GG said as she is waving her hand to get there attention. " i dont think they see you love. here let my pick you up." i put her on my sholders and she is still waving her hands. they come come over and set up there things right next to ours. Me and Gigi went to the shore line and wait for some waves. " so GG first you start out bye pushing your self deeper in the water like this." i demonstrate then swim back to shore. " then when your done with that you wait for a wave to come. as a wake is coming try to get up with out falling ok.  " ok niall but what if i fall." gg said scarcely. " then i will go to get ok babe." after awhile harry and Ari come and harry shows her the same thing. me and gg get on our surf boards and we start to pull our selves closer to a wave i stand up and gigi dose but she dose it shaking we see a wake and both of us get knocked down i automatically swim to gg but i see she safely got back on her board. we swam back to  shore. then we started walking to the waterfall. as we enter gigi jumps right in and begs me to join. i come in and we play and laughed kissed a little it was just great.


                    GIGI POV


  Me and Niall are in the water fall and we get out to dry. " Niall im hungry can we go to your flat and make some lunch". " yeah sure babe lets go. we walk to my flat to get to Niall's car we hope in and go to his house. me and niall make hot dogs. were so creative. when were done eating i ask niall if i could take a shower. " yeah babe sure but do mind if i take one with you, dont worry i dont have anything planned." Niall said i was fine with it so i said yes. before i get in the shower harry and ari walk in and make there selves at home. me and niall take a shower. wen were done we went to nialls bedroom i put on nialls shirt and boxers, i put my hair in a messy bun just like niall likes it. me and niall go down stair and we see harry and ari full on MAKING OUT! me and niall leave them alone and go to his room to watch a movie. it was called beautiful creatures. we down stairs and harry and Ariana aren't down there. so we check the pool and there in the hot tub. "hey come join us it feels good in here." ari said. well there goes me and nialls shower. " ok let me just put my bathing suit back on and i will be there" me and niall go change and hop in with them. " lets play truth or dare." niall said we all agreed. "truth or dare GG." Ariana said. " Dare." " i dare you to make out with niall for 20 secs." " OK dont mind if i do." i kiss him and his lips are so soft his body id pressed against mine i play with his, in the background i hear harry and ari saying you can stop now. we pull apart and i could tell that i was blushing."truth or dare hazz " i say. " truth." "who do you want to have sex with the most." harry right off the bat says ariana, she was so blushing. truth or day niall harry said "dare" i dare you to do a lap dance on gigi for 10 seconce. "ok" niall whispers in my ear i wont if you dont want me to. "niall i want you to" i whisper back. he starts slowly then roughly i think that was the best 10 seconds of my life.

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