Meet me at the waterfall

Arriana and Gigi are best friends. They both sing and play guitar. There belly dancers not professional. One day when there singing on the the beach, these guys come and listen.But what they didn't know that these guys would make a big impact on there life. there names are Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Find out in meet my at the water fall


4. date,party,love

i hope you love this chapter  if you wanna be in the story leave in the comments your chatecters age personality



                        GIGI P.O.V


   I had the time of my life yesterday with Niall. today i feel like going out to have some fun so im going to text niall


  hey niall its me gigi you wanna come to starbucks with me at 1:00 ?


   right now its 12:30 so i only have a HALF HOUR  to get ready.



 ya sure yesterday was gr8

Right now im just going to take a quick shower. i just got out of the shower im just going to wear some skinny jeans and a superman shirt with some red converse. i hoped in my car and headed to Starbucks, it only takes 5 minutes. I got there and saw niall he looked so cute. "hey niall!" i said " hey gigi you look beautiful" he said in his heavy irish accent. " thanks niall but i dont look that great" we ordered we both got a vanilla bean frap. it was 1:30 by the time we left he invited me to a club tonight at 9 it sounded fun so i said yes. I told Arriana and she freaked she thinks me and niall are perfect for each other.



                    ARRIANA P.O.V



  so today harry called me and invited me on a diner date to the olive garden at 6:30 i always wanted to go to the olive garden. it's 5 so i need to start getting ready. i have so much to do i need to take a shower, wand my hair, do my make up, pick out my jewellery outfit . So much to do in so little time. its six and im almost ready i just need to do my hair. 20 minutes later. finally done with my hair i say bye to gigi and hop in the car and go. 5 minutes later. i walk in and see harry sitting at the table and he looks so cute. he comes up to me and gives my flowers and says "hey beautiful you look great." i reply and say " your not looking bad yourself hot stuff " we sit down and ate dinner we got  spaghetti and meatballs. it was great, harry even invited me to his flat tonight.we got dessert i got the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and harry got the lemon cream cake. after we ate and paid we headed off to harrys flat at about 8.




            NIALL P.O.V

  gosh its already 8 i need to start getting ready i guess since i already took a shower and i have my clubing close on all i need to do is do my hair witch only takes 10 minutes. 10 minutes later. i decided to go to nandos to get something to eat. i got in my car to go pick up Gigi and gave her a text.



  hey babe im comeing in 15 min <3



 ok im ready ;*


  I'm at her house and i knock on the door. when she comes out she looks beautiful she has a black strapless mid thigh dress with red Stilettos and black bracelets red earrings.we got to the club and the music was loud people were dancing and it was a three story building. me and GG went to the bar and got a glass of white wine. after we went to the dance floor and we were danceing like crazy after awhile we started to explore we went to the 2cnd floor and there was people making out all over so me and gigi decided to join.











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