Meet me at the waterfall

Arriana and Gigi are best friends. They both sing and play guitar. There belly dancers not professional. One day when there singing on the the beach, these guys come and listen.But what they didn't know that these guys would make a big impact on there life. there names are Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Find out in meet my at the water fall


5. date,party,love pt.2 (sexual)

i am starting to put new chapters daily and if u want to be in the story please your characters personality below. 



                  GIGI P.O.V


  me and Niall start kissing and dang he sure is a great kisser. after awhile we see it is almost midnight. niall drives me to his flat and it is a lot bigger than my apartment i share. he takes me to his bedroom and we kiss very passionately his tongue enters my mouth. he starts to unzip my dress without breaking the kiss i start unzipping his pants he breaks the kiss. takes my bra off and takes his shirt of. we make ourselves completely naked. we run outside and go skinny dipping he starts to enter my and he thrust in and out fast i let out a moan and then i give him a blow job and he starts to moan. he lifts me up and carries me bridal style to the shower. he starts to suck my nipple and rubbing the other, then he stops to start thrusting in and out , and so rough  i can feel the cum inside me. then we get out. we stop he lays me down on the bed and and starts to finger me. i let out a BIG moan. After awhile he pushes me to the back of the wall and we start to french kiss cups my but starts to pull me up i put my legs around him. i push him on the bed and i start to hump him. we both start to moan. then we lay next to each other and fall asleep.




            HARRY P.O.V


   i bring her to my flat and push her against the wall she puts her legs around me and we kiss very passionately. My tongue gains entrance to her mouth. i take her to my bedroom were we get completely naked. i enter her and start to thrust in and out. we both let out moans. she pushes my off and gives me a blowjob. i take her off me and i suck her nipples and thrust at the same time. she starts to moan,loud. she flips me over and starts to hump me and fast so i start to moan uncontrollably. then she says her lower body starts to hurt so i put on my boxers and i giver her one of my shirts. i take her to the couch get some blankets and pillows and we watch some films.



                                        ARRIANA P.O.V   




    i wake up and my lower body i put a heating since harry is still on the couch I'll make some breakfast. i made bacon and pancakes. i decided to wake harry but he wasn't on the couch, so i checked the bathroom and he was taking a shower. "HARRY!!" i yelled. "what!!" he yelled back in alarm. "hey baby i made some breakfast, come get some when your ready." "alright ari be there in 5.". i walk to the other bathroom to take a body wash for 5 minutes.  i got to see harry has ate almost all the breakfast in only his boxers!! "harry!WTF i made some of that for me too." i yelled. "oh sorry sweetie I'm really hungry from last night." harry said with a smirk. " oh gosh harry." harry replied saying that he will take me to lunch at Mimi's cafe`e.



sorry for the short chapter but i started  it on the 4th of july and posted it the next and pleace if u want to be in the story please your characters personality below.  thank you

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