Meet me at the waterfall

Arriana and Gigi are best friends. They both sing and play guitar. There belly dancers not professional. One day when there singing on the the beach, these guys come and listen.But what they didn't know that these guys would make a big impact on there life. there names are Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Find out in meet my at the water fall


1. background

a\n first story so please no hate co author 1_onedirection7


        Arriana: brown hair and blue highlight 19 years young blue eyes (change on mood)

 Personality:bubbly,outgoing,sentimental,loud,bad girl,loud, and flirtatious (dark secret)

 Hobbies: singing dancing guitar


      Gigi:red hair crystal blue eyes 19 years young

Personality: outgoing,flirtatious,funny,loud,bad girl,weird, and socially awkward

 Hobbies:singing dancing guitar

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