Heart Breaker

Kira Jo'Hansen is a 17 year old who attends Lake Town High. She goes shopping for the perfect spring formal dress to show off to her boyfriend, Jai. But when Jai ditches her who will be there for her? Harry, Liam, Or Niall?



All of us met downstairs and decieded to have Taco Bell for dinner. Zayn and Bree went to pick up our food and I stayed to help set the table. Harry and I finished setting the table just as Bree and Zayn returned. We all sat down and began to scarf down the 32 tacos we bought. After we all finished it was around 7 so we decided to slip in a film and relax for awhile. We watched a few old movies and decided to go to bed since we were going to have a busy day on Saturday. As we all went to our room I felt a huge push on my back then was slammed onto the floor, with a laughing Harry Styles on top of me. Louis then made a heart out of his hands and made kissy sounds. Did Harry like me? Or was it just a joke? When we settled into bed i turned on my side thinking about what to say. Then Harry asked "what happened with your boyfriend?" I rolled my eyes and then turned onto my back. "well last Friday Jai Coleman (my ex. Boyfriend) asked me to the spring formal and of course I said yes. Bree and I went shopping to find the perfect dress to wear to formal, and when we finally did I sent Jai A text explaining how happy I was. Then in the car I got A text saying that Jai was going with Ali instead of me." I felt tears once again forming in my eyes but i blinked them away quickly. "Any guy in his right mind would be crazy to turn you down" I suddenly felt my heart beating and my hands got sweaty, he really did like me. Harry turned toward me and pulled me closer, I suddenly felt our lips touch, as soon as I woke up. It was a dream. We didn't kiss. But I did wake up with my head on his chest. So i pretended I was still sleeping just to stay there a little longer.

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