Broken *Louis Tomlinson <3 Story*

She was broken.
He helps.
She loves him.
He loves her.


8. This is for EVERYONE!

Tommorow is my Birthday!

yay. (Hence the sarcasm!)


Its June 20!

Nobody cares though.

I got up took a shower.

I put on a light-blue long sleeve blouse, Some light-blue Jeans, and light-blue crochet TOMS.

I put on some light make-up and peach pink color lipstick.

I went downstairs and since I'm an early riser I'm the only on awake.

I got and apple and went back up stairs.

I went to the attic witch is more of my private room, since no one!

And I mean NO-ONE has EVER found it.

Well except me of course.


I got the cup that  I always keep up here to do what I usually do!

I do the cup song!

It's from Anna Kendrick.

It's SO cool!

The song is from Pitch Perfect were Anna A.K.A Beca auditions for the girl accapella(sp?) group.

When I was done I walked out of the closet and to my room.

"Hey, B**** what are you doing?" Chloe snickered with the neckalace IN HERE DIRTY MOUTH!!

"Thinking." I mumbled.

"Let me guess. Your thinking about my you should be alive?" She said.

"Go ahead! Kill your self!" Chloe shouted but not loud enough for the boys to hear.

Then she walked out snickering.

THAT'S IT! Maybe I will kill myself!

I walked it to the bathroom and sat on the floor sobbing.

I stopped sobbing and continued crying.

I got up and my legs automatically went to my shower and got my razor.

I rolled up my sleeve and started cutting both of my arms.

This is for Chloe = 4 cuts

This is for the bullies = 7 cuts

And this is for Victoria = 8 cuts



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