Broken *Louis Tomlinson <3 Story*

She was broken.
He helps.
She loves him.
He loves her.


21. The thing that caught me off gaurd

"I'm going out!" I called.

"I don't give a shit!" Zayn said.

(A/N: BTW the boys went back to their flats(apartments) a few minutes ago!)

I grabbed the keys to my Camaro:


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At Beth's~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I got there I knocked on the door.


"Hey" I said and giggled at her silly self

I walked in the living room I saw Mia, Liv, and Sydney.

"Hey guys!" I said.

"Hey girlfriend!" Mia said like a prissy school girl.

"What's up?" Liv said.

"THE SKY!" I said.

Sydney just waved.

"Let's play Truth or Dare!" Beth asked.

We all murmured our agrements

I ended up licking the wall, kissing Beth's foot, and prank phone calling Liam on my phone since I don't have their number's.

This is what I said to Liam:

'Hello?' Liam asked

'Hello This is the FBI.' I said in a REALLY good deep man's voice.

'Umm... Hi? Why did you call me?' Liam asked scared.

'Do you know what FBI stands for?' I said.

'No.' He said.

'It stands for Female Body Inspector.'

'Ok?' He said.

'What's your address?' I said.

'4076 Redwood Drive(A/N: Totally mad up street... Unless it actually excist!) Why?' He asked

'Scince I'm part of the FBI I have to Inspect your Female Body.' I said.

'Umm... I'm a boy!' He said.

'Liam... I know your a boy! What are you talking about?' I said in my normal voice.

'But- Wait- What?' He said.

'Dude I think you need some sleep! Good night!' I said hanging up.

We all busted out laughing.

We then played 'Never Have I Ever' But with Orange Juice.

while we where playing one question really got to me.

"Never have I ever self-harmed." Liv said.

I gulped hard.

I picked up my cup and drank my juice.

The one thing that caught me of guard was...























Beth drank her orange juice to.


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