Broken *Louis Tomlinson <3 Story*

She was broken.
He helps.
She loves him.
He loves her.


22. Someone know's also


"Alright be right back to open a can of beans and spill it! She said to you to Beth! Come on!" I said not really wanting to tell them.

"Yeah come on!" Beth said standing up and helping me up.

"Okay so where are your beans?" I asked.

"I got them. And guessed what kind I have." She said.

"Garbanzo beans so we can make Hummus!" I said.

"Nope! BLACK-EYED PEAS!" She said while laughing.

"OH MY CARROTS!" I also said while laughing.

"ANYWHOOOOO!" Beth said while handing me my can.

"Hey Be(pronounced B) where is your can opener?" I asked.

"Be? I like it!" She said.

"I know! Know. WHERE IS THE DAMN OPENER!" I said

"Top left drawer." She said.

"Hey, Is it true you self-harmed?" I asked.

"Yeah I got bullied in grammer school(Elementary school) because I transferred in the middle of the year. Then I started cutting. Then I moved back the school I was before that. Then in the last year of grammer school I was also bullied. But I stopped because my friend's helped me through it." She said.

"What about you?" She asked.

"All through out Primary and Secondary school(Middle and High school) I got bullied. So I started to cut. Then my friend also got bullied. So she cut also. She was my Best and Only friend. She decided to ended her life because it got to her before she jumped off a cliff she gave me a necklace. (A/N: BTW this is what it looked like: )

Then the other night Chloe took it because I asked 'What do you want?' and that was the last thing I had left of her. Her name was Victoria." I said.

By that time I was in a bear hug from Beth.

"And the worst thing is that I still do." I whispered and showed her my wrist.

I didn't noticed I was crying until Beth wiped my eyes with her thumb.

"I'm so sorry Brooke. I didn't know that happened to you." I turned around and the person it came from was Liv.

"It's ok no-one knows except you guys." I said.

One thing they didn't know was I still get bullied.
















From Chloe.










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