Broken *Louis Tomlinson <3 Story*

She was broken.
He helps.
She loves him.
He loves her.


19. Meeting Girlfriends

When I went down stair's to get lunch their were 4 new face's.

"Hi." I said quietly while waving.

The 4 new face's were girls

"HI!" said the one with Bleach blonde hair with pink ends.  

"I'm Beth!" said the same one

"Hi I'm Brooke." I said.

"Hi Brooke. I'm Mia!" Said the one with dark brown hair and eyes.

"I'm Olivia! You can call me Liv!" Said the other one with Long wavy brown hair and eyes.

"And I'm Sydney!" Said the last one with Light brown hair blond highlights all over with bangs that are blue.

"Can I get your phone number's?" I asked shyly.

"Sure!" They said.

I gave them my phone.

While they were putting in their number's I grabbed 2 Cuties oranges.

When I finished peeling both they were done putting their numbers in.

I chuckled at their names they put  in.

Beth - Bella Collin

Mia - Leprechaun

Olivia - Liv Liv

Sydney - Jessie


Maybe we could be friends IF and ONLY if Chloe leaves me the hell alone!

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