Broken *Louis Tomlinson <3 Story*

She was broken.
He helps.
She loves him.
He loves her.


2. Meet Chloe:


I'm Chloe

I'm from Bradford,England

My full name is Chloe Leigh Malik

Obviously my brother is Zayn Malik from One Direction Meaning I'm popular fro that!


I HATE my twin Brooke!

She ALWAYS got good grades and was popular.

She did have a lot of friends...

Then I made up stories about what she did when we got home!

Like, how she slept with a man on our street.

And how she would hurt me sometimes.

But those bruises from me being a klutz!

SO, I became the popular twin!

Things you should know about me:

Fave color: Neon Pink

Fave Movie: Mean Girls 

Looks: Black curly (but not SO curly like Brooke) hair, Brown eyes!

Well on to the airport to get Zayn and tell him what Brooke 'did' to me.


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