Broken *Louis Tomlinson <3 Story*

She was broken.
He helps.
She loves him.
He loves her.


12. Auther's Note! Yeah u just love these thing's don't ya?



after each profile

I'm gonna post an Auther's Note

showing witch people you can have!


(BTW- The reason why I didn't put Harry's GF

was because my friend wanted it!)

OK on to the people!:

Zayn's GF

Liam's GF

Niall's GF - Taken

Brooke's Friend (it's gonna be later in ta story!)

If u want a part answer these questions!:

1) The name of your character

2) Fave color

3) Fave Movie

4) Ur characters looks (Use ur IMAGINATION!)

5) Wat ya like 2 do

6)What part of England or Ireland u wanna be from

7)Age u wanna be


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