not right

hurt and unloved Hope Summers and her two best friends Steve Miles and Aleesha Brown feel like that they are the only 3 people in the world that feel like they are filled with betrayle and unanswered questions. in truth they are not alone. Hope turns to self harm the one thing that Steve hates.......... bullying is not right


2. Our Story

Aleesha Brown thats me yep just me no-one special, it's just me Steve and Ali against the world. No-one on our side the world against us. I'm 5'6 not that tall but yea, I have the 2 most best friends in the world, they love me and I love them. Nothing will come between us NOTHING. I have hazel eyes and mid-back midnight black hair that is always straight im not a wonder to look at I haven't had the best life but these 2 people make it all worth while. The are my life my love my life my everything! Hey i'm Steve, Steve MIles, I am surrounded by the 2 most amazing girls in the worls and I know people might think that I am over exaggerating but i'm not these two have been through everything together all they have is each other and well they have me I guess, we talk alot and we are best friends all of us we have necklaces/ chains and the say HOPE: BEST ALEESHA: FRIENDS ME/ STEVE: FOREVER I love it and cherish it nothing will happen to it, it is the one simbol that makes us what we are, people call us SATAN'S ANGELS they think we are 'special' or something idk. Well I am 6foot I have light brown to a dirty blond hair colour that just covers my left eye. I don't like to boast but I have a 6 pack yea, I don't get many girls well I dont get any besides my 2 bestfriends. We live together most nights we sleep in our own rooms but once in a while we all end up in my room or in Aleesha's were not aloud in summers just because she doesn't like us in her room anyway this is our story
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