He's Gone. He's really gone.

When Reily decides hes had enough, who would try to stop him? He's a nobody. At least until Someone does try to save him. Will they succeed or will it be too late?.


2. The Stranger

                                                              Alexis' POV


I had to follow him. I kept to the shadows hoping he wouldn't see me. I had been the one to end our friendship those years ago. I didn't want to. To be honest, I loved being his friend and sadly I knew what he was going through. See, I watched him get teased and taunted when all I wanted to do was hug the hell out of him, make him smile. I loved his smile, hell I loved everything about him. And i knew what he was going to do. I am his Angel. Angels aren't supposed to like their humans like I feel for Reily.  I watched as he put the note he kept in his pocket under a rock. He looked like he was taking special care for it not to disappear. In the moonlight I watched him pull out something shiny from his pocket. I knew what it was and I knew I had to stop him. But I wasnt allowed. All I knew was he was NOT supposed to die yet. So I stood, helpless as I watched him point the silver dagger at himself. A cry ripped from my throat as he plunged it into his stomach. I saw him look to me, and then I watched the life drain from his eyes. A solitary tear made it's way down his cheek, and I had tears streaming down my face.


I took the cellphone from my pocket and dialed 911. I told the lady who answered who I was and who Reily was, and I heard her dispatch for an ambulance. I couldn't stop crying, I could barely breathe. Soon enough I heard the wail of the sirens, and I looked to Reily, I had a feeling they would be too late. When they got there, I watched him being put on a stretcher and I cried harder knowing they wouldnt be able to save him. It would take a real miracle. One I'm afraid we don't have.

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