He's Gone. He's really gone.

When Reily decides hes had enough, who would try to stop him? He's a nobody. At least until Someone does try to save him. Will they succeed or will it be too late?.


1. The beginning of the End.

He sat alone every day at the school. Some people feared him from his gothic outlook. Others just hated him for not being "normal". It had been this way every day at this hell hole for 4 years. The pain was unbearable, all he wanted was someone to love him. "Hey look-, its the shit head Reily!" Another comment and he'd leave. He'd leave for good. The note was in his pocket. All he had to do was end it, and he would'nt feel the pain anymore.


Going home was possibly the worst part of the day, despite the torture at school. After his mother died, Reily was blamed for everything. His father drank everyday whilst he was at school, and beat Reily every night. And despite his tough demenor, he cried every night after the beatings. In all honesty, he had no friends and quite frankly did'nt look to friendly either. His ice blue eyes watching your every move yet you could hardly see them. His jet black hair swept over his eyes, and black clothes. Multiple peircings and  a few tattoos that were generally covered. Yet there was one girl that caught his attention, every day. Her name?, Alexis Hawk. She was one of the populars, but they had once been friends.


After this particular beating however, Reily couldnt move. He just laid there on the floor of the kitchen crying. Once he stopped crying the phone rang. Instead of answering it, he just went to his room and laid down not even bothering to change his clothes. It was that night Reily decided he'd had enough. Leaving his room, his house he went to the park, and laid on the bench. Placing the note carefully, he did'nt notice anyone had followed him. But somehow, he knew he was'nt alone.

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