One shot and She Saved A Life

Short story. This is my entry to the competition Inspired by a song. I chose the Song: How To Save A life- The fray. Its about A women who has a blind daughter named jenna and she lives with her abusive boyfriend, Joe..


1. Where did I go wrong?

(P.O.V. of Jenna's mom) She walked pacing back and fourth in the hospital biting her lip with gashes of scars on her bare legs and across her face with blood dripping through her black hair. In her mind she knew I was gone...She knew that there were no more listening to mom cry, feeling him slapping her across her pale face, No mom hiding her when danger struck...Nothing. That bullet.. that one shot changed everything and now everything would be nothing in her eyes.

"Mommy can I have ice cream for dinner?" " I'm not sure if that will be too good for you, Jenna, but since it is your birthday--" "Oh thank you mommy thank you!" The 10 year old said wildly as her mom motions her to sit in the chair. You be extra good while mommy runs to the store and gets that ice cream. You hear? " "Yes Ma'am" Her mom grabbed the cookie jar right above the fridge. Shaking her head slowly as a salty tear scrolled down one of her eyes. The morgage, the air conditioner repair, food, water? How? She closed her eyes still standing in the middle of the kitchen praying. Please... Dear lord I just need enough to get away from him... I need enough be able to bring her too.What did I do? Where did I go wrong? Then the jar slipped out of her grip as she thought she heard that dreadful voice coming through the door. But it was just her concience reeking and her fear crawling over her mind. She swore vividly as she reached down trying to clean it all up before Jenna,not being able to see, wondered over to broken glass. " Are you ok mom? " "Yes I'm--" She tried saying before the door busted open and the loud souls of Joe's boots came stomping down the hallway into the kitchen. He reeked of boose and was wobbling like jenna does when she walks outside in a new place. His eyes were basically pointless... He did more harm when he couldnt see than when he could. He grabbed her hair yanking her to the floor ignoring the fact that Jenna was present. "What have you done you cluts? My mother gave me that before she passed away!" "No Joe.. I brought that remember? It's Jenna's birthday. Please Joe, not today!" He completely ignored her pushing Jenna to the floor thinking it was Her mother getting back up. "I hate you!" Jenna screamed at him for the thousandth time. "I wish you were dead!" "Oh really? I wish your mom wouldnt have lied when she said she killed you herself!" Jenna cried her smokey eyes shut together struggling to get up. He continued to beat her and Jenna drug herself to the open closet pulling out the gun that Joe had once said solved everything. She felt the part of the gun she remembered from when Joe took her deer hunting. and she aimed for the direction she heard his voice loudest at. She covered the trigger with her finger and pulled it...

"(P.O.V. of Jenna's mom) May I please see the immediate family the doctor called." My mother grabbed Jenna pulling her to the chair to sit as she could hear Joe yelling "My arm! My arm! A bullet in my arm!" As the police pulled him out of the building to the police car. She sat in the chair rocking back and fourth.. She thought she shot me.. She thought that scream was of pain... She thought that what was the only thing that loved her was gone. "She will be fine... She is lucky he stopped or he would've beaten her to deaf." She thought wrong... I was okay. She saved my life. No... Better yet She ended it and Started a new and better one.

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