Don't Let Me Go

"Harry open the door." I pleaded, smashing my fists into the door. "Harry please, you're all i have. I need you." The sound of water only grew louder, muffled screams escaping from the bathroom. I sank to the floor, defeated. How could this have gotten so bad that my best friend is trying to kill himself. The worst part is I can't do anything. I got enough energy so smash my fists into the door one last time and out emerged at torn and beaten; Harry Styles.


2. Chapter 1

"Brenna Marie! If you aren't down here in two minutes you're in big trouble missy!" My mom shouted from the stairs. I groaned, the sunlight was shooting through my closed blinds, my alarm clock vigorously beeping. I decided to drag myself out of bed and shower, letting the scorching water run over my body. I just hope today was good, the first day of freshman year and i probably won't have my best friend. I turned the shower off and through on my already picked outfit, purple, button up sleeveless shirt and lace, denim shorts. I quickly curly my hair into loose curls and ran downstairs. 

"Well good morning sleeping beauty." My brother snapped.

"Aren't you just a ray of sunshine." I smiled and grabbed the toast off his plate. He shrieked and stared at me in disbelief. My brother, Tyler is a junior in highschool and is one of those popular jock people. I just think hes a dumbass jerk but all the girls are in love with him because he plays lacrosse and is so smart. People think Ty and I are twins because we both have dirty blonde hair and grey eyes but we obviously aren't. 

"Oh Brenna by the way Anne is driving you to school." My mom said. I glared at her, she knew Harry and I don't talk anymore. 

"MOM! You know he doesn't like me anymore!"I shouted. 

"Watch your tone. You two always start the first day together and Anne offered so i didn't turn her down and besides Tyler has to get there earlier than you because he has lacrosse tryouts and stuff." I have to give it to her, she was pretty good. 

"Fine, but never again, i'll just go early with Ty and do my homework." I said, but my mom just rolled her eyes and walked away. 

"Anne will be here in three!" She shouted as she walked into her room. I rolled my eyes and went out onto the porch, Ty had already left and now i had to wait for him. Harry freaking Styles, my "best friend" and profound school man whore who somehow is popular. He has a new girl every week and is pretty much a drama causer. My phone buzzed in my pocket, 

from; Anneee my fav person ever ( Typical Anne name)

Sorry B, Harry had an unexpected guest to pick up. Be there in 3 (: Oh and you have been given the shotgun seat by Harry and his dumbass blonde friend. 

I almost fell of the porch swing, fucking Harry already has his little slut and now he thinks its okay to invite her. Well i guess it is because he doesn't give a shit about me anymore, well who cares I'll find someone better than dumb old Harry. Right on quo Anne pulled in the driveway, beeping and waving. I do hope Harry is embarrassed. I smiled and trotted down to the car, glancing in the back seat and laughing at how he starts to hold her closer when i get in the car. 

"HI ANNE!" I shout and smile, she laughs and  plays along.

"Hi BRENNA!" She winked, "I can't believe you and Harry are going into highschool. I remember when your mom and i had to clean your little butts from playing the mud." She said and glanced in the mirror. Harry was bright red and the girl was trying to hide a laugh. I turned around and introduced myself. 

"Well hello I'm Brenna and you are?" I stuck my hand out to shake hers but she just stared at it. 

"I'm Ashley and i have a problem with poor people germs." She said and slid away from my hand. Oh so thats how she's going to play it. I looked over my shoulder at Anne and she was in complete disbelief.

Bitch, i muttered. "Ok, i still can't believe that you're the lucky girl that gets Harry, i mean you do know that he doesn't even like you right? He's just using you because he's in love with my of course. Why do you think he keeps pulling you closer and kissing you? TO MAKE ME JEALOUS!" Yes thats how a bitch plays, i stared her down until she looked away at Harry.  I smiled at Harry and turned back around. I looked at Anne and she couldn't stop smiling or laughing, i reached between the two seats and gave her the loudest high five ever. I heard Ashley gasp and then a muffled conversation started and continued for the whole car ride.


Harry ignored me the whole day, but i could see him looking at me. Ashley hung all over him today after my remark in the car. So the day was pretty funny and i met some new friends that came from the other school, and of course my old friends. I just hope that i don't have to ride with them tomorrow, Sophomore year should be an interesting one...



Auothers Note

Ok so i know that i started out with them as freshman but i need them to be able to drive places themselves and stuff. Also i know that you cant really drive on your own until junior year but just go with it okay(: And this is a really crappy chapter but i cant really think of anything else for this chapter so this is the best i got. ok I JUST GRADUATED 8TH GRADE!! I'm officially a FRESHMAN! I'm so nervous for high school but that can come later SUMMERS HERE! Ok bye lovelies <3 :* 

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