the love hexagon

you think a love triangle is bad well I'm involved in a love hexagon that is taring ONE DIRECTION apart . Because yes Liam, Louis, Zayn ,Harry, and Niall all think I'm am just great and what happends when i finds out that one of them is my cousin and were not attracked to each other any more and he wont let anyone else date me


5. what just happend

Nialls POV    

  What was that?????


  A scream came from Lizzy's room. I run over to her door and try and open it its locked. " I'm coming Lizzy" I yell and run into the door attempting to break it down. After the third time it broke down. I went in her room looking around and there was a man in there he had a hold of her wrist and they looked at me Lizzy was crying

 " Niall help" she said the man let her go a walked over to me

 " You may just want to get out of here she is just a whore" I punched him right in the face

 " don't talk about her like that" I punched him again and then ran to Lizzy " are you ok babe" I asked as I helped her up. She just hugged me and cried. I called the cops and they took him away.

Lizzy POV

 I am still crying and Niall is just holding me looking at me with a worried look on hos face

 " thank you" I said in a shaky voice. He just looked at me." I'm sorry you had to see that"

 " babe what was that? who was that? what? I don't understand and what do you mean your sorry I had to see that. does it happen often? " he said. Oh God Help me Now Please.

 " Niall its a long story and I don't really feel comfortable talking about it because we just met but maybe some other time" I said. I took my phone out and checked the time 4:49 oh crap

 "Niall you should go its almost 5'oclock" His eyes got big he pulled out his phone

 "Oh shit 11 Miss calls the boys are going to kill me. urm ... heres my number babe call me anytime I will answer or if you need anything ok" ye gave me his number. and got up I walked his o the door

"Thank you Niall" I said and looked at the ground. He lifted up my chin with his two fingers and said

"No problem babe and remember if you need anything I will come it can be 4 in the morning I don't care ok?" I looked at him

 " ok"

 " bye Elizabeth" he said and kissed me

 "  bye Niall" and he left





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