the love hexagon

you think a love triangle is bad well I'm involved in a love hexagon that is taring ONE DIRECTION apart . Because yes Liam, Louis, Zayn ,Harry, and Niall all think I'm am just great and what happends when i finds out that one of them is my cousin and were not attracked to each other any more and he wont let anyone else date me


2. What have i done

Harry's pov

I woke up to Lou screaming about Zayn taking his toy or something i was not sure because i went to sleep late last night . I went in to the living room and everyone was in there except Niall i wonder were he is he was acting strange last night

   " hey lads where Niall " I said and the all looked up at me Lou ran over and hugged me

   " Hazza your finally up it 1:53 in the afternoon " he said . Wow really I did not even notice

   " we dont no we woke up and he was gone " Liam said .

   " oh well im sure he just went out to get something I'll text him later." I said and when to the bathroom. when i came out Lou asked if we could go to the mall with him cause he wanted to get some shoes and pants . i said yeah but i had to get ready. I went upstairs and got dressed in a white v neck and black skinnies. We left to go to the mall when we got there we all put sunglasses on cause you no we did not want to get malled by fans. Lou just started running like a little kid so we had to chase him or he would get lost. oh we are going to be here for a long time. After about a hour and a half of running after Louis he wanted to eat so we sat down and got some lunch it's almost 3:00 so i text Niall to ask him where he was. and got Lou what he wanted and the rest of the boys. we sat down and my phone vidrated.

  FROM NIALL: I'm at a friends house i will be back home in an few.

  " lads Niall said he is at a friends house and he will be home in a few " They all looked at me

  " I wonder who he is with" said Lou

Lizzy's POV

The movie was almost over when Nialls phone rang. He looked at it and sighed.

 "What is it Niall" i said and looked up at him he let go of my hand

 " Harry just text me asking were i am" 

 " so tell him your with me" i said . what was the big deal

 " I told them I was at a friends house" ok whatever why does not he just tell them he is with me

 "ok" i said and looked back at the tv. he took his two fingers and lifted my chin to where i was looking up at him.

  " babe you dont no how they will react and i like you and i dont want you to fall for one of them it will crush me" he said looking me in the eyes awwe now i feel bad

  " Niall i will not fall for them because i like you but it just makes me like you dont want anyone no about me like your ashamed" I said looking down

  " Lizzy I am not ashamed of you i just ..... im sorry " He said and looked down i intertwined my fingers and looked at him. He started at get nervous and his hand was warm and sweaty

  " Lizzy I was um, wondering if um you wanted to maybe be my girlfriend you don't have too never mind it's stupid " wow Niall wants to be my boyfriend but i cant what if he hurts me or something i cant so i ran out of the room. I locked my bedroom door and cried.

Nialls POV

Wait what just happend why is she crying oh man this is all my fault. I feel tears streaming down my face I am so mad.




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