the love hexagon

you think a love triangle is bad well I'm involved in a love hexagon that is taring ONE DIRECTION apart . Because yes Liam, Louis, Zayn ,Harry, and Niall all think I'm am just great and what happends when i finds out that one of them is my cousin and were not attracked to each other any more and he wont let anyone else date me


6. the dreadful phone call


I am so glad Niall was there, I can not believe Eric came over here. I ran over to lock my window, when my phone rang.

I went to pick it up but I did not no that number. I answered it anyway.

"h hhello??" I said a little scared

"hey sweet thing" they said as my pulse picked up I knew that voice anywhere I was Eric.

"What do you want from me, Eric. We are over and you no that. You hurt me." I said my voice was a little shaky, but I could not show him I was weak.

"You no what I want you little Bitch. You are mine and you always will be. And Tell your cute little boy toy that  he better watch his back."  I could tell he had a smirk on his face.

"Don't you do anything to him, I swear if you touch him I will-"

" You will what Lizzy. You wont do anything. I will uh see you around sweet thing" and the line went dead.

I fell to the floor crying. I cant let anything happen to Niall. I am going to tell Niall I cant see him or he will get hurt 


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