the love hexagon

you think a love triangle is bad well I'm involved in a love hexagon that is taring ONE DIRECTION apart . Because yes Liam, Louis, Zayn ,Harry, and Niall all think I'm am just great and what happends when i finds out that one of them is my cousin and were not attracked to each other any more and he wont let anyone else date me




"OH MY LIAM I LOVE YOU"                                                                                                       Where is all of this noise coming from I think to myself. I am almost to my flat but there are hundreds of girls yelling and blocking my way. I started to push my way through and the girls did not like that very much so the started pushing my side to side. "please? If I could just get through" I said but I knew no one could hear me.                                                                      

It was really wet because it was raining earlier, so i did not understand why all of these girls were standing outside for so i just kept pushing through I was almost out and I lost my footing and fell into the mud. "FUCK MY CLOTHS"  I said as I tried to get up. i felt some one grab my arm.

   " Are you Ok love?" 

   I turned around and saw this beautiful boy and yes i said beautiful his eyes were deep sea blue and his hair blonde and oh my his accent was out of this world. I felt  butterflies in my stomach. I just stared at him.

   " um... excuse me are you alright"

   " oh yeah sorry I am find I am just trying to get to my flat"

   " I am so sorry. Hello my name is Niall. Niall Horan"

   " So your the one all the girls are yelling about."

   " yeah haven't you heard of one direction"

    " I don't recon so sorry."

    He just stood the not saying one thing. This guy was so hot, but what was his problem.

    " I must be going then bye"

    "wait I did not catch your name"

     "Elizabeth. bye"


      When I got up to my flat I took my shoes off and then reached for my purse oh no where is it I must have dropped it but I can't go back for it I'll just bye another one the only thing in it was twenty pounds and my school card it will be fine.


   "Elizabeth. bye"


  Wow she is so beautiful. I have to see her again her eyes are golden brown the  most prettiest things I ever seen her hair curled right to her shoulders her cheeks blushed when she said she did not no One Direction. And the way she spoke, she has a really strong Scottish accent. I was about to walk over to tell the lads but something white caught my eye. Her purse. YESS. this means I can see her again.


  I did not want to look through her stuff, but how would I know where she lives. I looked in and all she had in there was some lip gloss, a hair tie, twenty pounds and a school card that had her name address and age. Tomorrow I will take her her bag even though she lives right down the street from me. I can not help but think about her she is beautiful I want her to be my friend maybe even more than friends. 



  BEEP BEEP BEEP I slamed my hand on my clock it was 6:45 time to get ready for class, oh wait its Saturday. Thank god I when back to sleep

 KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK Oh my gosh what I look over at my clock 12:51 gez I sleep for a long time.

 KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK oh some ones at the door so I got up and went to answer I look through the peep hole and oh my godfather it's Niall I ran to the bathroom and fixed my hair put on some pants and when to open the door.

   " Hey Elizabeth you left your purse last night and I wanted to return it to you"

   Oh how sweet " Thank you so much would you like to come in" 

  " sure"

  "um if you would excuse me I am going to make some coffee "

  " oh yeah sorry if I woke you up"

  " no it's fine it's very late anyway"


  She invited me in so hopefully we get to no each other. she left me in the lounge room it's very cute there is not much in here, but she has a lot of music I picked up a CD case it was Micheal Buble I love him she has a really good taste in music.

  " oh yeah I love Micheal"

   " oh I am sorry " I said putting it back

  " no its fine I have a lot of music"

  " yeah I like your style, but you really dont no my band one direction"

 " sorry no but I may have herd your songs on the radio or something"

 " well have to see. So I see from your accent you are from Scotland?"

  "Yeah and you are from..."


  "oh so would you like some skoosh or water? and we could talk a bit" her voice was a little shaky like she was nervous 

 " I am sorry what is skoosh?" I said as i blushed a little i looked to the floor

 " oh that's right its I just what you call soda or bubble drink I think." She blushed a little. Oh wow she looked so beautiful.

 " Oh yeah sure and yeah I would like to make sure you no One Direction" I said and wiggle my eyebrows.

 She let out a small giggle and walked out he room.

 She came back with coke and crisps yess my favorite. 

 "So let me tell you a little about my self my name is Niall James Horan I am in a boy band named one direction with four other boys Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson. We got put together when we were on The X Factor we came in third and got signed by Simon and now here we are. I am form the middle lands of Ireland. My parents are divorced and i have one brother named Greg. I am 18 anmd i am now on a holiday because we just got off tour." i look at her and she was listening the hole time and no looking away from my eyes.

 "So i guess it is my turn. My name is Elizabeth Carol Glavndad.I moved to London to go to University. I am 19 and I am from Glasgow, Scotland. My parents are also divorced and I have a twin sister named Isabella, and a brother named Parker. People call me lizzy and my sister Izzy. I am a dancer and cand sing a little but thats about it."

 wow she is incredible i want her to be a really good friend of mine but i left with out telling the boys so i have to leave by at least 3:00 it now 1:41 so well se what happends.

 "Do you want to watch a film or something?" she asked 

  "yeah sure. um i would like that."

 " can we watch hide and seek i have never seen it?"

 " sure but its really scary"

 "Thats ok lets do it"

 She put the movie in and pressed play and sat on the couch. I do not normally watch scary movies but I said sure cause I want to know her.


 She was starting to get scared so she got closer to me and I put my arm around her slowly and she snuggled in to me. My heart started to beat like a thousand times a minute. I was pretty sure she could hear it.


He put his arm around me but it made me feel safe. I loved the way he made me feel. I snuggled up next to him and i could hear his heart beat it was really fast. My heart started to be even faster. There was a scream on the movie and it made me jump.

  " It's ok babe."  He said in his deep accent oh wow he called me babe.

  " yeah I'm sorry" he giggled and looked at me. So I looked up at him.

  "I like you your funny" He chuckled he leaned in and his breath was tickling my top lip I got a little closer.

  "I like you to" and he smiled and then kissed me so i kissed him back and the  kiss started to get a little heated. There was like an electric shock going through my body it was amazing i had butterflies in my belly we kept kissing and he opened his mouth and his tongue came out and touch my bottom lip and I open my mouth to let his tongue explore. Then he started to put his hand on my back. We were going so quick I pulled away and looked at him he blushed.

  "Oh I'm sorry "

 "So do you want to finish the movie?"

 " Yeah" I held his hand and snuggled up with him to watch the movie 




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