I'm no Angel

The crash stuffed up my life. I was broken. Then I got adopt by a lovely lady that has many adoptive boys and has children of her own. But, this one boy I think I love with all my heart. He helped me when I was broken even though he has no clue he did. The boy with those god damn snake bites. Wow.


5. The young ones

I woke up to hear Tammy and Sammy giggling over something. I groaned and rolled over to bury my head in my pillow.

“Angel, Angel Angel!” They chanted while giggling.

I peeked out from my veil of hair and saw the children laughing hysterically while pointing their fingers at me.

“What?” I asked groggily.

“You look like you just died,” Sammy said and I laughed while sitting up, making my stitches stretch and me wince from the pain.

“Is that so? Is it because just a couple days ago I nearly died?” I asked them while dragging their small bodies towards mine for a hug.

“Yes… you nearly died!” Tammy exclaimed with her eyes wide with shock.

Tammy and Sammy hugged me while saying not to die because they love me so much and I smiled while kissing both their heads.

“I’m not going to die, I promise,” I smiled at them then yawned,” I’m going to go for a shower, ok?” They both nodded and I went to the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

I turned on the hot water then made my way to the mirror and slid out of my racing suit, knowing I was going to throw it out. I looked down at myself, took off my bandage on my front and touched the swollen flesh. It was inflamed and red. I took off the bandage on my neck and saw that it was healing. I smiled slightly then looked at my face. My eyes had a twinkle in it that I had not seen in a while and my face was not pale but glowing with life. I smiled and walked into the shower to feel the hot water pelting onto my tired body. I smiled and turned on the cold water. I used the shampoo and conditioner in the shower which was herbal essence and washed my blood coated hair. I then washed my body with dove soap then washed my face. I sighed then let the water run down my face and down my body, massaging my sore and tired muscles. I turned off the water, got out then dried myself and my long hair. I walked out of the bathroom in just a towel and saw Sammy and Tammy playing around in my room. I smiled, grabbed some underwear and put it on, not caring that the door was wide open. I sighed then dropped the towel, looking for some pants. Sammy and Tammy stopped playing to look at me.

“Angel, what happened here,” Sammy pointed to the wound underneath my chest and above my belly button.

“The accident sweetie, did your mummy not tell you what happened?”  The children shook their heads,” Ok, well I was driving a monster truck, do you know what they are?” They both shook their heads again.

I stood up and said,” Well, a monster truck is a huge truck with wheels this big,” I used my arm’s length,” And this tall,” I put my hand above my head, motioning how tall the wheels were,” And the truck is huge that jumps over huge jumps, destroying cars and also other monster trucks. My truck was huge and fast and my baby, her name was the demon racer. She was gorgeous and everyone wanted her to win all her races and everything. The truck was my most prized possession as well as my bike. I was a dare devil and motor bike racer. I was the trickiest and the most likely to succeed in doing so. I was loved and cherished. I was everyone’s role model and now, I’m here. I was in my truck, I did a jump, then it crashed and I got hurt, Never to ride my babies ever again.” I sat down on the ground in front of the 2 children and sighed.

“Poor Angel, Mummy can make you feel better,” Sammy ginned,” She makes us laugh.”

“You guys hungry?”  I asked them while they nodded and I smiled.

I grabbed my skinny jeans and a baggy shirt, slipped them on then looked at the kids.

I started to make my way to the door,” The last one to the kitchen is a rotten egg!” I shouted while running down the stairs with the 2 children giggling while chasing after me.

I looked behind me while running down the stairs till I ran into something. I hit the ground with a big thud on my bum and laughed as the 2 children ran past me screaming,” Angel is a wotten egg!”

I shook my head then looked up to see what I ran into… Well… who.

“Are you ok?” A boy with brown curly hair and brown eyes asked while offering his hand.

I took it and got up,” I’m great, but you made me the rotten egg,” I frowned while pouting.

He chuckled while smiling,” I’m Tyson, 19, not adopted, Hannah is my mother, mechanic,” He informed me.

I smiled,” Angel, ex monster truck slash dare devil slash motor bike racer, mother and father are butt faces and my ex-boss dumped me because of my parents and police, I’m 17 and hungry,” I informed him and he laughed again.

“So, you ride monster trucks and motor bikes huh?”

“Yep… well… did, I got into an accident in the championship in my truck and now I’m here.”

He looked down at his feet,” I’m sorry, hope your ok…”

“I’m great, just need to go to Mommy and get her to check my booboo’s,” I smiled when he looked at me with a funny look.

I tilted my head then shook it,” Chow Tyson, see you around, oh and your hot,” I winked then made my way down stairs again to see Sammy and Tammy looking at me with big grins on there faces.

“I know, I know, I’m the rotten egg,” They both giggled then hugged my legs.

“We love you Angel,” They both said and I giggled.

“I love you guys too,” I hugged them then looked around to the kitchen to see Hannah looking up at me with a small smile on her face.

The kids let go and I walked up to her,” Mummy,” Her eyes widened and I frowned with tears welling up in my eyes,” Can you fix my booboo’s please, they hurt really badly,” She smiled.

“Ok hunny, show me your front,” Lifted up my shirt to show her my inflamed flesh, she winced,” Hunny, that’s really bad, I will need to patch it up again and put disinfectant on it. Stay there,” She turned away then started opening and closing drawers.

I looked touched the wound and winced. It had pus in it. I groaned. Not attractive at all. Hannah came back and started putting creams and liquids onto the wound then put a huge patch on it then bandaged it to my body so it wouldn’t fall off. I sighed.

“Thank you Mommy,” I smiled and hugged her small body.

“It’s ok honey,” She smiled at me then pulled away.


“Yeah?” She turned around again.

“Can I make pancakes?” I asked her.

“I can make them.”

“I want to make my famous pancakes for everyone in the house.”

Her eyes widened ,” Everyone?” I nodded,” Ok, better get cooking.”

Hannah turned and left the room in her cute striped pyjamas. I turned to the 1 year old twins and knelt onto the ground infront of them.

“I got a mission for you two, go get all the boys, wake them up and tell them that I’m cooking pancakes,” I smiled at the twins as they started to run up stairs, not looking back while giggling.

I turned around and started getting the ingredients out for my pancakes. I was making chocolate pancakes, normal pancakes and maple pancakes. I started beating the batter as well as cooking them then I heard commotion upstairs. I looked up from the food when Sammy and Tammy ran down stairs with a long line of boys following behind them in boxers, pyjamas, some in just there underwear but I didn’t care. I looked at The twins near the kitchen.

“Got them all?” I asked as the boys started to sit at the table.

The twins nodded then I saw another lot of twins with auburn hair. I smiled as they all looked up at me and smiled but I did not see the one boy I wanted to see. I looked down at the pancakes cooking them caught Tyson looking at me.


“Yeah?” Tyson made his way to the kitchen bench with only his boxers on, revealing his rock hard body while the other boys groaned since I did not know their names.

“Umm, can you cook this for me; I need to go do something,” I told him.

“Sure,” He smiled then grabbed the egg flip from my hands.

“Thank you,” I smiled at him then made my way upstairs slowly.

I was nervous, shaking from head to toe. I looked up and heard music coming from a closed room on my right. I walked up to the door, hearing the song. ‘Whispers in the Dark’ by Skillet was playing from the room. I smiled then knocked on the door. I heard steps then the door opened to reveal the boy with a blue raccoon tail and snake bites. I gaped at him, my mouth opening into a small ‘o’. He was sooo hot. He had the perfect body, tan skin and muscles everywhere. He was taller than me by at least 30 centimetres. He smiled then put his finger underneath my jaw, lifting it to close my mouth.

“I’m sorry, I should have put some clothes on,” He looked embarrassed.

“No, don’t you dare,” I said in a breathy voice, looking him up and down while he looked at me.

He chuckled,” I need to put some clothes on at some point you know,” I smiled as he said that.

“Not if I have a say in it.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, god you’re sexy,” He smiled down at me as I blushed.

“You’re cute too,” He blushed lightly which made me giggle.

“I, I’ve made some pancakes and was wondering why you weren’t down with the others…”

“I didn’t know if you wanted me too,” He looked down at his bare feet as I looked at his long pyjama pants that were hanging low on his narrow hips.

I looked at the pictures closer and saw..

“Ducks? You’re wearing duck pyjama pants? Oh my god, I think I’m in love with…” I trailed off and blushed furiously while looking at my feet.

I looked up to see the boy smiling while looking at his feet.

“Wow, well… that was awkward, I’m going to leave you, arghh, do whatever you were doing,” I turned around and bumped into a wall making him chuckle, I looked back at him,” I’m sorry for making things awkward, I will keep my mouth shut next time,” I hit another wall,” If there will be a next time, ok, now I’m talking and not stopping and I do that sometimes but not a lot so that’s a bad sign,” I hit another wall.” Bye,” I ran down stairs while I heard the boy laugh… Jeez, I didn’t even know his name!

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